5 Easy Tips to Learn Faster and Remember More


5 Easy Tips to Learn Faster and Remember More

A child’s ability to learn is far greater than an adult maybe because when we are young we don’t have a lot of things to worry about and take care of but with adulthood, the number of responsibilities just keeps increasing. With a lot of load on our minds, it gets difficult to learn and remember things effectively.


Everyone faces this difficulty, be it a student learning for their test, a person trying to learn a new language, a man who wants to learn everything about the technology, etc. We often find ourselves frustrated with our inability to learn and this affects not only our mood but our overall outlook on things. Learning new things is a vital part of our life and we always have to learn one thing or another but what to do when our ability to learn is affected? In this article, we are going to be discussing some tips that can help you with your learning problem and once you make these tips your habit, you will find learning easier than before. Here are 5 tips to learn faster and remember more.

1. Handwritten Notes

Whenever we learn something, we take notes. Instead of typing or recording your notes, you should write to them by hand. It is a proven fact that students who take notes by hand perform better on their assessments as compared to students who type or record their lectures. It’s important to take handwritten notes because writing is slower and it gives more time to comprehend what is being said and in what context, allowing the student to understand more easily.

2. Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important factors for keeping one's memory effective. An overworked brain will not only find it difficult to learn but will also pay less attention to everything. It is difficult for our brain to process information efficiently when we haven’t gotten enough sleep. It is common to stay up all night and prepare for the exam but it leaves a person mentally exhausted. You should get proper sleep before studying thus allowing your brain to learn things quickly.

3. Study in Intervals

Most of us make the mistake of learning in-one-go, but it is not the most effective technique. It is proven that a person who studies in intervals learns much faster than a person who studies all at once. It may feel like you are saving time but what we don’t realize is that it’s an overload of information that is difficult for our brain to store. When we study with breaks in the middle, it allows the information to store properly and have a positive effect on our ability to pay attention before continuing to study. According to different studies gathered by Thesis writing in Karachi, you should take a break after studying for 90 minutes straight and then continue learning after the break.

4. Speak Out Loud

It is my most trusted tip for learning faster. When you read loudly you are not only revising it but you are also listening to it repeatedly which allows the brain to understand the information much quicker. You can also pretend to explain what you learn; this way you are indirectly explaining what you learned, to yourself.

5. Be Healthy

Health directly affects our learning abilities. A healthy person can learn and remember things better than an unhealthy person. Exercising, meditating, eating healthy, and drinking water can help you learn faster because all these activities keep your mind healthy and fresh, allowing it to pay more attention.

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