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Applying for a work visa for foreign employees to work in Singapore


Applying for a work visa for foreign employees to work in Singapore

Singapore is a country that is considered as the center of Asia’s business world. That is why many people from all over the world come to Singapore to do business. Many say that those who succeed in Singapore can succeed in Asia. Thus, many businesses emerged as well as job opportunities. However, Singapore is a small country as well as a country with almost everyone employed. Thus, as a business owner in Singapore, you might encounter a problem with finding the right people that are suitable to work in your company. Thus, your next best option is to hire foreigners.

Many ex-pats have traveled to Singapore to work and many more would like to work in Singapore. If you post a job hiring online, you are bound to find a skilled worker that can come to Singapore to work. As a business owner, you are the one responsible for the work visa application of your foreign employees. Thus, if you want to hire foreigners, you need to know how to apply for an employment visa. Below are the steps of how to do it.

Step 1: Find the eligible work visa

Singapore has many types of employment visas that you can apply for on behalf of your foreign applicant. The two most common are the E Pass and the S Pass. The E Pass is for long-term professionals. While the S Pass is for short-term mid-skilled employees. There are also work permits for specific types of jobs. There are separate work permits for domestic workers, entertainers, construction workers, and so on. Thus, you need to find which work visa is eligible for the foreign workers you intend to bring to Singapore.

Step 2: Check for the specific employment visa requirements

Since there is a specific type of employment visa for a certain job, it only means that they all have different work visa requirements. The requirements that you need to submit to the Ministry of Manpower will be in line with the eligibility qualifications. If the employment visa requires a good educational background, you need to submit the candidate’s college diploma or accredited technical certificate. If they require a minimum salary of S$2,500 every month, your promised salary should be at that amount or higher. Thus, you should visit the official website of the Ministry of Manpower to know the exact work visa requirements.

Step 3: Study the guide on how to apply for the work visa

Aside from the employment visa requirements, you will find the guide on how to apply for work visas on the Ministry of Manpower website. They posted a guide for each type of work visa they issue. This is so employers like you will know what to do. They also included videos and other helpful links that you can view to help you succeed in the employment visa application. Therefore, before you start searching for foreign workers, visit the Ministry of Manpower website and learn more about the work visa application processes.

Step 4: Do it yourself or hire an employment visa agent

Now that you know what requirements you need to ask for and how to apply for an employment visa, you should start looking for employees abroad. It isn’t an easy task to find the right employee. It will take quite some time before you get applicants. You will also have to screen them to find out which of them are suitable for the job and will pass the work visa eligibility. Once you do, you will be able to proceed to apply for the employment visa on their behalf.

However, doing all of these can be too much for a business owner like you. That is because you have a lot of other things to take care of in your company. That is why it is recommended that you seek an employment visa agent. The Ministry of Manpower allows employers to have employment agents to apply for them. Thus, if you feel like you can’t do the application on your own, hire a work visa agent.

Applying for work visas in Singapore is not difficult since the Ministry of Manpower has disclosed all the information on work visa applications. You will just need to follow the instructions on their website. If you can’t apply for the employment visa on behalf of the foreign employees, you can always hire a work pass agent.

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