What is Lipoma? Is there any Lipoma Treatment available at home ?


What is Lipoma? Is there any Lipoma Treatment available at home ?

What is Lipoma?

A Lipoma can be described as a soft fatty tumor or lump, that is benevolent and is non-cancerous. It is made up of fat cells and generally causes no symptoms or troubles to a person. Having slow growth, these fatty tumors grow under the skin where there are fat cells and are usually small in size. However, they can give an ugly look sometimes, and gives rise to the need for Lipoma treatment

Who often gets Lipoma?

A lipoma is not particularized to any age and anyone can have one or multiple Lipoma in their lifetime. However, middle-aged people are more prone to the condition and men are more likely to have multiple Lipoma as compared to women.

What causes Lipoma to occur? 

 There is not any cause known of its occurrence. It is a possibility that fatty tumors can be a genetic entanglement and it runs in families with a history of Lipoma. The occurrence of Lipoma can also be linked to any physical injury or trauma to a specific area. 

 Signs and Symptoms of Lipoma

 The structure of Lipoma can be described as a soft and rubbery lump that can be felt to move lightly under your skin with finger pressure. Due to its slow growth and small size, it gets unnoticed by the patients until they become large enough to get visible and detectable. 

You can identify a Lipoma by analyzing the following features of it!

  • An elliptical lump which is about 2-10 cm in diameter
  • The lump can be felt soft and smooth, can be moved with finger pressure
  • Has a doughy texture
  • The areas where Lipoma can be commonly seen are either shoulder, neck, trunk, and arms. However, the occurrence can be noticed where fat tissues are present. 

A Lipoma rarely becomes cancerous, and thus, generally shows no signs or symptoms. If a person has Lipoma, there may be no pain but a painless lump can be present. The size of the tumor may vary from pea-sized to several centimeters. People only go for fatty lumps removals when it starts causing pain on pressing, or blockage of the gut. If you are having Lipoma that is showing unusual symptoms such as an increase in size or quick growth, consulting a doctor is always suggested.

What is the diagnosis process?

The diagnosis of Lipoma made by examining the lump under the skin. Also, there is a deep skin biopsy which can be performed to analyze the situation. In some cases, there may be a need for an ultrasound scan, CT scan, or MRI scan for the analysis.

Treatment Options for Lipoma

The benign Lipoma does not require any treatment in most cases. Since they do not trouble any person and prevail with their slow growth. When a person feels the need for Lipoma removal is when the fatty lumps start interfering with the movement of adjacent muscles. Also, the ugly look of Lipoma is another factor contributing to the need for its removal. Lipoma, when start growing larger than its usual size and pressing other parts needs attention and you should get it removed from the body.

Which is the best treatment option depends on a variety of factors including its size, its status, and the number of tumors you have. Also, personal and family history of skin cancer will be analyzed. Surgery is the most common method recommended to treat Lipoma if you have a larger skin tumor that is still growing. An important point to consider here is the possibility of its recurrence, even after surgery. Additionally, there are infection risks, excess blood loss like complications associated with surgical procedure.

Home remedies for removing Lipoma

Why go for surgery when you have home options available for curing fatty lumps? All those who are seeking a natural cure for Lipoma removal to avoid the risks of side-effects can give a try to the home options.

Have a look at some of the home cure options!

Turmeric - A herbal remedy that works for lipoma treatment without surgery and is easily available at home. It has an active ingredient that reduces the size of fatty lumps from the body, without any side-effects.

Thuja - Another herbal remedy to treat fatty lumps! It is commonly used as a homeopathic treatment to get rid of fatty tumors.

Diet changes - Diet of a person also makes an impact in increasing the risk of developing Lipoma. As the growth of fatty tissues is the cause of Lipoma formation, you need to take care of your diet as a solution for getting rid of Lipoma.

Sage - Sage is proven to be beneficial for Lipoma removal and helps in preventing its growth. It dissolves the fatty tissues which tend to form Lipoma in the body.

Buy Lipoma Wand!

Lipoma Wand is a new lipoma treatment without surgery that offers an inexpensive alternative to surgery. Designed with a safe natural approach, the device is very easy to use and offers scar-free treatment!

Don’t let the ugly fatty lumps annoy you! Try this safe, effective, and portable device to get home Lipoma treatment, at a very reasonable rate. Apply it anywhere on the body without worrying about any risks or side-effects. The ease of use and affordable approach makes Lipoma Wand a perfect choice for Lipoma patients. It worths its price, as you can reuse it as well for years in case of multiple Lipoma. Offering a precise, safe and effective ultrasound frequency in addition to a strong, safe, and efficient far-infrared heat frequency, you will be able to witness the reduction in Lipoma size even after the first 30-minute treatment session. A safe treatment option to reduce the look and feel of ugly Lipoma, where the progress can be noticed after each session. An economic solution that can surely be considered without giving any second thought, at least you will be protected from the surgery suffering and it suits your budget too.

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