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Applications: The Why Use Flutter?


Applications: The Why Use Flutter?

Certainly, you have heard of Flutter. Im going to show you some reasons in this article that inspired me to use it in my projects.

Flutter is a cross-platform native development system built by Google that is free and open source. Flutter supports mobile devices (Android & iOS), desktop devices (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.), embedded devices (Raspberry Pi, Google Home Hub, etc and the internet. Flutter is still young, but has begun to prove himself already. Some big names in technology have already won over the structure: Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce company, used it for its Xianyu application. Using Flutter, apps such as Reflectliy, Hamilton Musical and many more. Google uses it in its products as well (Google Ads and Google Greentea ).There is a strong community in which the structure is designed.

Flutter is based on Dart, a modern programming language (developed by Google) which is very easy to learn if you already know Java or JavaScript . By reading its documentation, which is high quality, easy to follow and accessible on the official website, you can start to familiarize yourself with Dart. For the internet, Dart was originally developed by Google. You may build a web application, command line script, or server-side application, in addition to being able to use Dart with Flutter. In JavaScript and machine language, Dart compiles. There is a definite benefit of practicing Dart. With Dart and without using another language, you can build your client and server applications.

Note that the multi-platform UI (User Interface or French User Interface) approach to fluttering is special.The webview is not used by Flutter as it is with Cordova and PhoneGap . JavaScript / HTML / CSS applications disguised as native smartphone apps are essentially Cordova and PhoneGap apps.

Flutter comes with a great number of UI widgets out of the box, unlike React Native. A Flutter applications entire user interface is written in Dart. External DSL UIs do not ask you to use (i.e. HTML or XML files).

Flutter widgets, as with React or Xamarin, are not native widgets . Flutter himself sketches certain graphical elements. Since the use of native UI components is costly, platforms are frequently modified, which can take longer for a system to adapt to new versions.

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