5 Reasons why Verdale condo continues to draw interest from potential buyers


5 Reasons why Verdale condo continues to draw interest from potential buyers

Since Singapore has one of the most complicated property markets not just in Asia but also in the world, it is very hard to compete in it. As a consumer, there may be lots of options but very high property prices Singapore costs. As for the developer, there is much competition, thus it is a tricky process to stand out from the rest. There are different ways that a developer can make its building or infrastructure stand out and be noticed by consumers. Commonly, property prices Singapore trends are lowered to be able to make a building more attractive to p[otential buyers. As for other types of properties like condominiums, more amenities are included. 

In Singapore, there are hundreds of developers that provide condominiums since it is one of the most convenient forms of housing. It is more accessible, comfortable, and relatively cheaper than houses. In the sea of emerging condos, it gets harder to market. Many options have been made available to the consumers thus developers make inclusions a serious business. They usually give lower down payments, more attractive facilities, tighter security, etc. 

The Verdale condo

As for the Verdale condo in Singapore, they maintained many perks when renting with them. These have been proven to be effective because they are still one of the top options when it comes to condos for rent in Singapore. With the emerging industry of condominium units for rent in Singapore, it is an achievement to be wanted by consumers. To know more, let us talk about the 5 reasons why Verdale condo continues to draw interest from potential buyers. 

#1 It is more accessible

Verdale Condo is one of the top options as it is placed in a strategic location. It is found in Jalan Jurong, District 21, Singapore. It is near transport services like MRT Stations thus making commuting more convenient. It has closeby shopping malls like Beauty World Centre, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Bukit Timah Market, and Food Centre, Cheong Chin Nam Road Eateries, Old Bukit Timah Fire Station, and Bukit Timah Plaza. This makes it easier for tenants to go buy their necessities and other things that they need. It is located near recreational facilities like clubs and other infrastructures. These things make it easier for tenants to connect to things that they need for a living. 

#2 It is close to nature

It is also a very good combination of urban and nature because despite it being located in an urban area, it is close to nature. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is just a few kilometers away. In this Reserve is a Rail Corridor that can be enjoyed. It is 4 km long and will have three themes come 2021. The themes would be Heritage & Culture. Biodiversity & Greenery, and Recreation to be able to give a fun and knowledgeable experience to every visitor. It is very important that when you choose your place of residency, the property prices Singapore value is worth all the amenities that it can offer. 

#3 Near institutions

When you pay for the property prices Singapore fee, you have to make sure that you are getting what you need. Verdale condo is a perfect match for families as it is surrounded by many institutions. Schools that are five to ten minutes away from it are Bukit Timah Primary School, Middleton International School, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, and Nan Hua Primary School. These institutions make it more ideal for families that have toddlers or children that go to school. 

#4 Has practical and smart designs

Verdale condo’s exterior and interior design are made to have the right mix of nature and modern design. Each unit is equipped with cameras, digital locks, digital aircon control, smart smoke detectors. It has very convenient management as you can book facilities through an app. Tight security is observed because visitors have to be pre-registered before being allowed to go in. Online shopping is made easier as they have a parcel box collector where tenants can get their parcels in one go. These kinds of amenities are what make the property prices Singapore fees worth it. 

#5 Competitive price

The Verdale condo provides competitive property prices Singapore value. Its one-bedroom units cost S$791,000. This is one of the less costly ones given Singapores property market. Their two-bedroom units start at S$998,000. 

Know more about properties 

There are many more practical options when it comes to properties in Singapore. In SRX Property, we give you a wide variety of housing options.


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