4 Reminder applications for Android and iPhone


4 Reminder applications for Android and iPhone

Have you forgotten an important day again and your partner is rightly pissed off? Or are you often not sure whether you have already taken your medication? In stressful everyday life, it can happen that you miss one or the other relevant event. To prevent this from happening again, there are tools that remind you of important appointments and tasks in good time. In this post, we introduce you to four reminder apps for different requirements.

1. Just Reminder is limited to the essentials

Just Reminder is a reminder app for all kinds of errands that completely dispenses with unnecessary frills. The app specializes in remembering appointments, tasks, and special occasions (e.g., birthdays) and impresses them with simple and intuitive handling.

New entries can be created with just a few clicks and, thanks to numerous setting options, individually adapted to the respective event. For example, you can set your own ringtone for each appointment or define intervals that will remind you at regular intervals. In the event of an alarm, the application automatically switches the screen on if desired. The option of sending congratulations directly from the birthday reminders is also particularly practical.

Just Reminder is available for iOS and Android and the basic version can be used free of charge. With an upgrade to Premium, you also have the option of blocking with a security PIN and get rid of annoying advertising.

Good to know: Just Reminder also has a backup function with which you can save all your reminders to an SD card or send them as email attachments.

2. Business Calendar 2: Support for workaholics

Tasks can also be created in the business calendar directly from the calendar and, if necessary, synchronized with Google Tasks or Toodledo

Business Calendar 2 is aimed at all those who have a lot on the job. In addition to the obligatory daily, weekly and monthly views, there is of course a reminder function with which you will no longer forget any private or business appointments. Alternatively, you can switch to a list view at any time.

In the day view you determine which days you want to be displayed. You can find free appointments quickly and easily using the year view.

Its intuitive navigation and operation also characterize the business calendar. You can move the entries as you wish using drag & drop. Even tasks can be directly and without additional add-ons from the calendar to create, move, or copy and synchronize to with Google Tasks or Toodledo.

In addition, widgets in various sizes are available in the business calendar, which notifies you of upcoming appointments directly on the home screen. Extended functions such as the automatic sending of emails to guests, a powerful (German) voice input, or opening a map of the area at an appointment round off the overall package.

The Business Calendar 2 only runs on Android and can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store as a free version. However, if you would like to link your appointments with the corresponding contacts or attach files and photos, you have to upgrade to the premium version.

3. MyTherapy: The reminder app for your tablets

Diabetics and the chronically ill are certainly familiar with the problem: On stressful days or on vacation, it is not always easy to think about taking medication every day or regularly measuring blood sugar, and it can happen that you simply forget about it. The certified medicine reminder app MyTherapy is available to prevent this from happening again.

The iOS and Android tool queries various parameters such as blood pressure and weight and reminds you promptly of your activities, such as taking regular walks or drinking water. You can set the time of day at which you want to be reminded to take a certain medication and set a separate alarm for each of them. Thanks to the to-do list you can tick off, you always have an overview. If new drugs are added to the therapy, you can easily add them using a barcode scanner.

MyTherapy also has an additional function with which you can include your family and friends and remind you of your pills. All income and values ​​are documented in the diary and can also be printed out if necessary.

MyTherapy can be used free of charge and without registration. The content can also be accessed offline.

Good to know: Researchers carried out studies on the MyTherapy app in collaboration with the Charité in Berlin and found that the reminder function led to an increase in drug adherence.

4. BZ reminder: The flexible to-do list

Simple but good: With BZ reminders, you can create simple to-do lists including date and time in no time at all.

If you're looking for the simplest possible to-do list app possible, BZ Reminder is for you. You can create reminder lists in no time and set alarms for one-off events or recurring tasks. The entries can be marked with different colors depending on the type. You can see at a glance whether this is a private or a professional appointment.

Thanks to the calendar view, you always have an overview and always know which tasks and appointments are due in the next few days. BZ reminder also offers support for Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) and also has a practical voice recognition function.

BZ reminder can also be used as a widget and is available for iOS and Android in the respective store. You get even more functions with an upgrade to the PRO version. In addition to synchronization via the cloud, you can also use it to create your own alarm tones (MP3, WAV, and OGG are supported). Another advantage: You get rid of the annoying advertising.

Last words 

The tool does not have the functionality of other reminder apps of this type, but the existing ones are definitely sufficient for home use.

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