Computer games are a hobby of successful people


Computer games are a hobby of successful people

One can argue for a long time about the harmful influence of video games: stereotypes are too strong. People react differently to the word gamer. One immediately sees a typical American teenager with a battered joystick in hand. Others see a smart and happy esports player with a check for an impressive cash prize for first place. Still, others are a successful, modern person who does not go for a smoke break between meetings but takes out his smartphone and starts playing. Everyone will be right. There are those who depend on computer games, and there are those for whom this is a deliberate choice and nothing more than one of the ways to spend leisure time or even get a stable income.

Computer games are a hobby of successful people

It just so happens that one negative opinion can overlap a dozen positive reviews. However, there are many good examples. The action MMO World of Tanks has long proven that stereotypes about the destructive effects of computer games are not true.

Emotional release

Nervous tension is relieved in different ways. You can go to the gym, listen to music, or watch your favorite movie. Or play. Not only World of Tanks, but also many other games in the amount of one or two sessions a day, especially after a hard-working day, perform well the function of a punching bag. This is unlikely to take a lot of time (one World of Tanks battle lasts an average of 7 minutes) and will definitely not work in the opposite direction, further exacerbating a bad mood. The virtual battle is over, and the enemy is destroyed; victory is in your pocket. The nerves are fine.

Childish fun

The belief that an adult should not spend time playing computer games is a delusion. Figures and iron statistics serve as the proof. The average age of a gamer is 30 years. Most of them (68%) are over 18 years old. 9 out of 10 residents of spending a third of their free time playing computer games and 89% of parents play with their children.

What does this give children? By playing educational games or, shall we say, smart games, including the same quests with tricky riddles game, the child benefits in development? He also gets certain basic computer skills because dad or mom gets tired of installing games for the child and has to do it himself. In the modern world, the skills of working with a PC will not be superfluous, and it is not for me. And nowadays people are giving a gift to gamers so that he or she can continue his or her hobby. 

Boosting for the mind

This is especially true for games with a historical theme. About 90% of World of Tanks fans are interested in military equipment and their country's legendary past. In general, World of Tanks is a vivid example of a clever, intellectual game and a storehouse of facts. Over 300 models of equipment, created according to original schemes and drawings, automatically make the game a kind of history textbook with spectacular battles instead of pages of text. Also, one cannot but think in World of Tanks. Stupidly clicking the mouse and winning will not work: you need certain strategic skills and the ability to calculate the opponent's moves in advance, like chess.


Absolutely all online games are a good means of socialization. You can communicate in different ways: send messages, and chat in a chat, turn on voice communication, and so on. There are plenty of reasons to start a conversation: a discussion of tactics, game techniques, or whatever. It happens that people just want to get to know each other.

Sometimes it flows into weddings and children. World of Tanks, among other things, has a strong team and competitive component. You cannot win without competent interaction between the participants. Everything here is like in the world of big business: effective work and the desired result are possible only in a well-coordinated and friendly team.

It's free

Computer games are not a casino or a one-armed bandit. They cannot empty a bank account and drive a person into debt. Yes, it requires a certain amount of money, like any other type of entertainment. Buying a new book or hockey equipment is unlikely to be cheaper than a licensed version of a computer game.

Many online games are completely free. The free-to-play business model does not imply fabulous investments and allows the player to win without extorting money from him for progress. The same applies to the World of Tanks: you can only speed up the pumping process by paying a certain amount of money. The victory and a place at the top will bring the skill and skills of a virtual tanker.


To play or not to play - everyone decides for himself. Abuse will certainly lead to bad consequences. In reasonable quantities, the result will be completely different: logical thinking, intellectual development, confident teamwork skills, and poise even in the most stressful situations.


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