Roland CM-30C Cube Studio Monitor reviews


Roland CM-30C Cube Studio Monitor reviews

The Roland CM-30C Cube Monitor is unique among studio monitors and is designed to easily handle any mixing application or recording you throw at it. It is perfect for using live on stage or in a studio and can be used by experts and hobbyists alike with equal ease. It gives up to thirty watts of power with a top-quality coaxial two-way speaker of six and a half inches.

The monitor is perfect for taking on the road with you because it is designed to easily be toted from one place to another. It can be easily transported because of its handle grip, which is built-in and is designed to make portability simple. In addition, it has a metal grill protecting it, and there is also a cabinet corner protector installed for when you are using it, whether in the studio or out and about at live shows and concerts. You can use this at any live performance and it will be safe.

This monitor comes with these amazing features:

  • Ultra-versatile monitor for studio, stage, and more
  • 6.5″ coaxial,2-way speaker with stereo preamp
  • 30-watt output plus metal grill cover and corner protectors

It comes with a plethora of other important and interesting features. It is a super versatile monitor in that it can be used in any location. It has three input channels, with one channel being an XLR input to use for connecting other devices to the monitor, such as microphones, amplifiers, and musical instruments. It has an additional two Aux inputs. There is a stereo link for connecting the monitor between two units, as well. This means you have a total of eight stereo inputs on this monitor, and two microphones/line input channels.

The power in this Cube monitor is also quite impressive. It has thirty watts and a sixteen-centimeter speaker built-in, as well as a coaxial two-way tweeter. It has a stereo phone level knob, a low and high equalizer knob, a volume knob, and even a power switch that is easy to find and use. It is perfectly designed to give you the quality features and performance you desire in a studio monitor.


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