Know The 7 Styles Of Learning And Find Out Which One Suits You The Best


Know The 7 Styles Of Learning And Find Out Which One Suits You The Best

There are 7 learning styles. Kids learn from different ones. If your kids aren’t retaining information well through the usual methods, don’t automatically assume that they’re slow-witted or that they’re not making enough effort. It could be as simple as them responding to a different learning style. Knowledge of the different learning styles will help you identify which one is right for your child. Then you and your child’s teachers can work together to come up with ways to provide the best learning environment for someone who is kinesthetic or auditory learner, for instance.


These are kids who absorb more information when there are visual aids. They won’t easily get a concept or process, not unless they are shown the process step by step or there are visuals to support the text. That also means that note-taking helps them along with visuals like maps, diagrams, sketches, charts, illustrations, and more. Teachers at cbse school in abu dhabi know this and are able to provide what visual learners need in class.


Kids who are physical learners are able to gain a better understanding of concepts through activities. Learning through activity is the method that works most effectively for them. These kids learn better when they use real world objects for learning such as building blocks or stacks that make it easier for them how to count.


Kids who are auditory learners have a much better time remembering and understanding information. They learn better when they listen to the lecture so prerecorded lectures that have become the norm since the move to distance learning helps them a lot. Also, being able to explain the concepts and ideas in their own words, to hear them said aloud, helps them remember the lessons. Teach them all about limericks and audiobooks as well as rhythm recordings and the use of music which could help enhance their learning experience.


There are kids who learn better when they talk about the lesson. They would rather trade ideas on it than thumb through their textbooks. If your child is like this, that could mean that s/he is a conversational learner. If this is the learning style that appeals to your child, then encourage your little one to read lessons out loud. That will help also help retain information.


Logical learners prefer a methodical system and learn through logic and reasoning. Puzzles and brain games as well as sudokus and the Rubik’s cube are just a few of the games that can entertain them and hold their interest. Their logical nature means that these kids are well able to grasp the bigger picture behind every lesson.


Social learners respond well to learning in groups, or with partners. They love being able to share their knowledge and work well with others. You’ll want to encourage your child to do video calls with his or her friends often or with group-mates for projects and assignments. 


These are learners who prefer to study on their own. They get easily distracted while in a group or find it hard to concentrate on anything else. This is also why there’s been a marked improvement in the grades of many students since the shift to online classes. Most of the classroom setups in schools favor kids who are social and who actively participate in the discussion. But children with an introverted nature might not particularly respond well to this environment. Online classes, though, give them the flexibility and freedom to interact with their classmates and still maintain boundaries. Chatting or video calling from their bedroom or home affords them with a level of comfort that makes it easier for them to respond to the situations with ease. With the change in their learning environment, more of these students are participating and showing better engagement levels in class.

Take a Test

It’s not always easy to tell which learning style works for your child, especially since some kids actually have more than one learning style. However, what you can do is have your child take a test to determine which style is the most successful in getting the best results. The outcome of the test will help you figure out why some of the learning styles don’t work on your child and what you could try instead to improve that situation.

Match with Study Skills

Once you know what your child’s learning style is like or what kind of learner your child is, let your little one’s teachers know at school. If you picked a good school, one that recognizes the different learning styles, then you can look forward to the various ways through which the teacher will help your child retain information.

Make study times more effective. Learn what your child’s learning style is first before you proceed with your lessons. 


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