7 Clever Uses of Pizza Stone Other Than Cooking Pizza


7 Clever Uses of Pizza Stone Other Than Cooking Pizza

It can be difficult to justify buying yet another kitchen gadget that only serves one purpose. Thankfully, that pizza baking stone you have in your kitchen is not one of those. While it’s true that pizza stones are mainly for creating perfect-looking pizzas with crispy, fluffy crust, you can use them to cook other things, too! Here are a few new ways you can use your pizza stone:

1.)   Baking Potato Chips

Potatoes are a staple of every diet, so why not try some potato recipes on your pizza stone? Just slice them as thinly as you can, apply oil, and spread them evenly on the baking stone. You can get creative with the toppings or just sprinkle a dash of good old-fashioned salt.

2.)   Thawing frozen foods

Thawing frozen food naturally is the best way to go, but if you’re short on time, then the baking stone is your friend. Ideally, a thin pizza baking stone heats quicker than a thick one, so that’s the best option. The trick is not preheating the pizza stone but letting the frozen food go in the oven with it. The pizza stone’s porous texture not only thaws the frozen food but also absorbs the excess moisture, something that other equipment can’t do.

3.)   Toasting bread

Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese sandwich or a toasted panini? A pizza stone could take your sandwich to the next level, especially if it involves lots of cheese! Put both slices of bread on the stone, top with cheese, and any other ingredients you want to be heated. Once it’s melty, pull it out, top with cold ingredients, and enjoy.

4.)   Roast Chicken

Roasting chicken on a pizza baking stone? Why not? Just place your chicken in the middle of the stone and cook until the inside is about 165 F (74 C). Roast chicken can get soggy when not done right, but the heat of a pizza stone makes sure that the skin stays crispy.

5.)   Reheating Food

Leftover food usually doesn’t taste as good when reheated in a microwave. The next time you want to reheat yesterday’s meal, a pizza stone is your secret weapon. Because of its even heat distribution, a baking stone is able to return the food to its original condition. Even deep-fried, roasted or other crispy food can be brought back to life with this ingenious pizza stone hack.

6.)   Serving Tray

There are always food recipes that are best kept warm. But after a few minutes out of the oven, the food you’ve worked so hard on is ice cold. Because of its ability to retain heat, a warm pizza stone is the perfect serving tray for hot side dishes, baked goods, warm desserts, and more!

7.)   Searing Steaks

If you can roast an entire chicken on a pizza baking stone, it can also handle your favorite cut of meat. The key is proper preheating, after which you can slap the meat right on. Another meat-cooking option is preparing thin slices of meat and cooking it on top of a 450-degree preheated baking stone in front of you, Korean BBQ style. Be sure to use tongs and that the table surface can handle the heat.

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