8 Warning Signs your Liver wants you to Know

8 Warning Signs your Liver wants you to Know

 We can’t deny the fact that our liver is probably one of the most important organs in your body. That too for obvious reasons! It performs several important functions in our body which accounts for making is critically important, including:

  • Production of bile which is known to metabolize fats in our body
  • Detoxification of harmful toxins in our body
  • The liver is the powerhouse of our body as it creates and utilizes energy reserves in our body.

Why is liver health important? 

Apart from this, the liver is responsible for performing several other functions too. However, my things including our lifestyle habits, food intake, medication, or sometimes diseases can be quite damaging for our liver. Unfortunately, we don’t pay much attention to our liver health, so we end up with bigger problems.

Despite that, our liver issues timely alerts and sends messages to our body to identify it’s in trouble. In case you are wondering what these alert messages look like, read the following article!

My father was diagnosed with liver scarring as we took him to the best liver doctor in Islamabad. His physician revealed that liver scarring has become severe as the disease wasn’t identified at the right time. All I want to focus on is how not listening to what your liver is trying to tell you can be harmful to you in the long run. Let’s know what kind of liver alerts you should worry about.

How is your liver trying to alert you? 

1- Inconsistent sleep

Though there are many possible reasons behind interrupted sleep, and liver problems is one of them. If you are consistently facing inconsistent sleep, you are suffering from a liver disease such as liver cirrhosis. But it is only your physician who can diagnose what the actual problem is.

2- No hunger

Your hunger suddenly diminished while once you used to take part in eating competitions? Beware it can be a warning sign from your liver! Sudden loss of appetite is one of the most common signs and symptoms associated with a variety of liver diseases.

When my dad was diagnosed with a liver problem, initially lost his appetite with nausea. But his problem remained undiagnosed (despite going to several doctors) until we took him to Life Care International Hospital in Islamabad. 

3- Fatigue

Anyone can feel tired after a whole day of working, but this regular fatigue might want to tell you something. If you are suffering from chronic fatigue despite trying all the solutions, you might be suffering from liver problems.

4- Itchy skin

Another liver disease alert can be itchy skin. You might blame mites or skin dryness for this, but make sure you get it checked in time to save yourself from the onset of a common liver problem (cholangitis).

5- Your eyes can tell you what’s wrong with your liver

Sometimes you might notice that your white portion of your eyes started turning yellow or even your skin. It can be due to the accumulation of bilirubin in your body which is being secreted by your liver. This discolouration can be an indicator of many liver problems, from liver scarring to hepatitis B.

6- Fluctuating weight

Who doesn’t want to lose weight naturally? But weight could be a warning sign from your liver. Sudden weight loss can be a warning sign for liver problems such as cirrhosis or hepatitis C etc. Just like weight loss, weight gain can be equally concerning. So, seeing unexpected fluctuations in your body means that the liver is trying to warn you of a future danger.

7- Palm redness

Did you notice that suddenly your palms turn red? Well, it’s not as sudden as you think it’s. The redness of your palm can be due to the non-alcoholic fatty liver. This reddening indicates that your body is having trouble with fat metabolism and storing an excessive amount of fats in the body.

8- Breast enlargement

This is a gender associated symptom linked with fatty liver disease. Sudden breast enlargement in males thought to be hormonal and it can also be due to liver disease.

Takeaway Note!

Apart from these, there are many other alerts your liver wants to send you, including swelling of legs, bruises on the body, lack of concentration, forgetfulness, aches and pain etc. Having one or more of these symptoms, you should head to a hepatologist for proper diagnosis.


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