Bodywork Varnish: How to Give your Vehicle some shine?


Bodywork Varnish: How to Give your Vehicle some shine?

After painting a car, professionals recommend applying a coat of bodywork varnish to give it a second life. A good quality product makes it possible in particular to improve the finish of the paint. However, various precautions must be taken before starting the operation.

Presentation of bodywork varnishes

The varnish carrosseriesont designed to cover the paint of the car. They serve in particular to protect it over its entire surface and to perfect its finish through its shiny appearance. For an even brighter result, the product can be used with a hardener.

In general, bodywork varnishes are colorless and made from acrylic resin. They are available in matt and glossy versions, depending on the desired finish. The substance is especially known to motorists, but can also be applied on a motorcycle, a caravan, a trailer, a boat… The product is thus suitable for any type of bodywork.

How to recognize a good product?

Due to its aesthetic and protective function, a good bodywork varnish should:

  • resist UV rays and bad weather;
  • dry quickly;
  • have excellent covering power;
  • be anticorrosive;
  • adhere perfectly to the support;
  • have a good lifespan;
  • resist scratches and shocks;
  • be easy to use;
  • provide a uniform and smooth surface;
  • can be used in a single application.

Usage tips

The body polish is available in the form of a bomb for applications in small areas. To treat the whole body, it is better to opt for the cans. Their capacity can go up to 5 liters.

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 To be able to handle and use this product in complete safety, the user must avoid working in the open air and choose a well-ventilated room. Protective equipment such as gloves, goggles, masks, and paint suits should also be worn. Moreover, before applying the varnish on the body, it is highly advisable to wash the car and hide elements such as chrome, glass, license plates, wheels, etc.

How to properly apply high-temperature varnish?

Unlike conventional varnishes, which are very often available in a suitable spray can or in a 5 L can, high-temperature varnishes are usually available in an aerosol can. For its spraying, it is still more judicious to use a gun.

 It would also be very harmless to use a roller or even a high-pressure tool, as this risks damaging the base coat. When handling this product, you must first wear protective equipment such as gloves, glasses, masks, coveralls for your safety.

 For successful varnishing, it is important to check the label of your product. Indeed, some are adapted to high temperatures, while others to high humidity. All in all, it is not a good idea to handle your product outdoors.

 Always choose a well-ventilated paint shop with an ambient temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is higher or lower than this, it is better to choose another day to do it.

 When the right conditions are met, it is important to first remove the old layer of varnish using sandpaper or an orbital sander. It will therefore be necessary to sand the surface to be painted to check that it is clean and remove all traces of grease while protecting the work surface.

 To start, shake your spray paint spray for a few minutes first to test your spray. Then, holding the gun at a distance of 15 to 20 cm from the impact, spray by applying several repeating coats.

 Finally, let dry for about 60 minutes and then solidify the surface for the same amount of time at a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius. Once the drying is complete, you will certainly be amazed at the impeccable shine of your body.

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