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Digital Gabbar is Giving the much-needed push to bolster growth: Rohit Mehta


Digital Gabbar is Giving the much-needed push to bolster growth: Rohit Mehta

In the ubiquitous age of the internet, computers have taken over. Digital marketing is getting intertwined with every brand awareness and growth strategy and has even transcended traditional marketing in many areas. The slow but steady rise in digital marketing demands is motivating a lot of professionals and young graduates to slowly shift focus to digital marketing. Digital Gabbar is emerging as a haven for the most relevant information related to digital marketing and its sub-niches as well. Digital Gabbar is the brainchild of Rohit Mehta, a digital marketing expert who built the portal only for information sharing and career motivation.

Digital Gabbar

Rohit Mehta has been in the industry for a while now and understands the difference between a seemingly successful and a widely successful digital marketing campaign. He says, "I have seen many marketers draw absurdly ambitious digital marketing campaigns and hype up the results in front of the clients. When they fail to match the expectations, clients are disheartened not because they lost money but also precious time which competitors will use as an advantage. You have to understand that each digital marketing campaign has different levels of success and copying or reusing an old strategy puts you in the potential danger of losing more than you gain."

A technology savant by profession, Rohit Mehta stumbled upon digital marketing by an accident. He had a fulfilling career spanning over ten years in the IT industry. Still, he was looking for a passive income generating revenue model and blogging seemed like the best idea back then. After putting a lot of after-hours onto the blog with great content, the visitor count remained scanty. Rohit Mehta scrounged the internet about the problems that impeded the growth of his blog and realized that not every page gets the same rankings and sane response. You have to conform to search engine algorithms to even appear in search results.

Digital Gabbar is a reflection of the convoluted world of digital marketing and its working. Rohit Mehta built this platform amid the pandemic so that information about the industry-related topics was easily accessible without paying anything. Yes, Digital Gabbar is free with no dubious marketing scams or infuriating advertisements. It is meant to only disburse information and hone young marketers in the craft. There is a Hindi version of Digital Gabbar too, which exists only for the audience that struggles with the English language. Rohit Mehta believes that language should not be the obstructing factor when it comes to learning.

Rohit Mehta says, "The pandemic has been extra harsh on the working sector. With massive layoffs and no option to earn insight, the youth is entering the depression stage. To combat this problem, I frequently publish passive income stream building guides to help everyone in need. Not only that, Digital Gabbar consists of contributors that are distinguished personalities in the field of digital marketing. They publish in-depth information about digital marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing, trends, and new opportunities emerging in the industry. Digital Gabbar already has a loyal fan following who have built not one but many passive income streams for themselves. I am happy that the audience is finding the information relevant and useful to implement."

Digital Gabbar is not the only venture Rohit Mehta is working on currently. His new start-up, Indian Gabbar is a blog that provides a platform for exposure. It is the best option for newfound businesses and entrepreneurs who want to put their products and services in the spotlight and are seeking a platform for the purpose. Rohit Mehta understands the role of digital PR in helping businesses gain the trust of new customers and dedicates Indian Gabbar to those in dire need of a push to public exposure.

It takes a proactive mindset to build and operate two start-ups in two consecutive years and be successful at it. Rohit Mehta is an inspiration to aspiring digital marketers and motivates his audience frequently. He also pens down his thoughts in his spare time and has published six inspirational and informative books so far. An epitome of success, Rohit Mehta, is working for something big that we will get to see in the coming months.

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