History of Rajasthani Laal Maas


History of Rajasthani Laal Maas

Laal Maas is one of the most renowned dishes of Rajasthan and it's a royal dish and one of the favorite meaty dishes for all Rajasthani's. This dish originated from the preceding Rajputana estate of Princely and during that time the Rajputs use to hunt and then eat these meat dishes.

The royalty used to love hunting animals and was their most likable hobby. After the animal hunt, the mat is prepared in aromatic spices and cooked tenderly either in the palace or in the wildlife forest.

The Rajput's during the previous times use to enjoy meat dishes a lot and they have a number of delicious delicacies which prove their royalty, they use to have at least 10 royal chefs popularly known as khansamah, and these chefs used to prepare at least 10 dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and they need to be creative and keep inventing new dishes and experimenting with flavors, and they never buy from the market, believe in online raw chicken, meat, etc.

There are various gharanas related to the Royal Kitchens and one of the most famous gharanas of the Royal kitchen is Mewati Gharana. The topmost chefs of these gharanas were given the opportunity to cook the game meat and they all went with the kings to the forest for hunting and they used to cook these with minimalistic supplies and proportioned water.

These khansamahs were experts of cooking and use to create a different dish all the time they cook and the ingredients they use to use the most were yogurts, ginger, garlic, chilies, onions and with only these ingredients they use to create the magic and with the technique of slow cooking they cook the dishes.

The slow cooking technique has the power to create some most flavourful and mouth-watering tender meaty dishes. Rajasthani dishes are all about slow cooking, spices, flavors, and tenderness and Laal Maas is one of those dishes and the most famous dish of Rajasthani cuisine and is also one of the famous dishes across India.

Laal Maas is one of the regal dishes of Mewati Gharana and is cooked by the traditional khansamas of these gharanas and is an intense dish with lots of chilies and specially made from the traditional dishes called Mathania chilies and this dish has the power to sweat the royals.

The marination of the meat includes Mathania Chilies, infusion of burning charcoal for the intense flavor, and cloves are added to enhance the flavors of the meats, Desi Ghee is also added and then is covered for some time so that the flavors are incorporated in the meat and gives you flavors in all bites.

Laal Maas

Laal maas is an iconic dish from Rajasthani cuisine and belongs to the Mewari Gharana and is one of the greatest innovations in the history of Rajasthani cuisine. It originated in the 10th century AD and the king of Mewar wanted a dish that is spicy and meaty and has a lot of flavors of garlic and marinated in yogurt.

Laal Maas is prepared with the raw meat hunted from the game of meat and then slowly cooked and marinated with yogurt, garlic, and chilies. The color of the Laal maas is of intense red color that is the reason it was named Laal Maas. The lamb or mutton is marinated and rubbed with green chilies, garlic, yogurt, and used slow cooking technique and cooked in Desi Ghee with flavorful and aromatic spices. It takes around 2-3 three hours to get tender and makes a flavorful curry.

Recipe of Laal Maas:

Step 1- Soak the dry roasted chilies in the lukewarm water for a few minutes and then make it into a fine paste and keep it aside to rest.

Step 2- Now it's time to combine a few aromatic whole spices like fennel seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, and dry roast them together and grind them in a fine powder. Dry roasting these spices is an important step since it releases the oil and gives an intense flavor.

Step 3- The most important step is to season the lamb and roast the lamb in a wok with oil and cook till brown.

Step 4- Once the lamb is sauteed properly, in another pan take a generous amount of Desi ghee and add onion and garlic simultaneously add the spice mix we made in the previous step and cook nicely for a few minutes.

Step 5- Next step is to add a puree of a few tomatoes along with the yogurt and let it cook till the gravy releases oil and stir it constantly so that it doesn't stick to the bottom.

Step 6- This is a crucial stage where you need to add the chili paste and cook for some time.

Step 7- Now mix yogurt, chili powder, and salt and keep them aside for some time after beating well. This paste adds color to the curry without making it spicy. You have to add this mixture to the lamb you sauteed earlier and rub it generously, and should buy online chicken from nearby.

Step 8- Now add the lamb to the curry and cook it on slow heat for a few hours until it becomes tender and all the flavor is incorporated into the meat. Garnish it with fried onions, coriander leaves, and mint leaves.


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