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How a flooring software enables the flooring service provider to deliver on-time services?


How a flooring software enables the flooring service provider to deliver on-time services?

Field operational challenges for flooring businesses are no less complex than the challenges faced by any other field business. In flooring services as well, timely delivery of service is the topmost demand of the client and the topmost priority for the service provider. yet it is not easy to achieve the objective of timely services, because of field operational challenges that very often stretch the service timeline beyond the esteemed timeframe. 

This not just annoys or offends the customers, but also a major profit leak for the service provider. An overstretched service timeline means the resources get blocked for a longer time, be it the manpower or the tools, equipment, material, etc. Clearly, when resources are blocked, the service provider can target new projects or new revenue opportunities. This blog attempts to decipher the challenge of delay in services and how it can be addressed. 

Why does a service provider fail to deliver a service within the esteemed time frame?

Poor first visit effectiveness: It is important to rightly match a job and a worker to achieve first visit effectiveness. Thus, before scheduling a job for a worker, it is important to assess his efficiency by checking his skill sets, experience, availability in consideration of his other schedules, etc.   

Productivity leaks: It is no revelation that the productive hours of the field workers often get wasted on dealing with stuff like traveling reporting, communicating, self-services, etc.  

Lack of information at the time of need: The field workers who are on the move, may need any piece of information from the job site. But if they are dependent on the back-office staff for retrieving the information, then a lot of time and productivity get wasted on to and fro communication.

Loose monitoring: Supervision and monitoring also play an important role. Lack of field visibility, restrict the supervisor from making timely intervention that may lead to errors in the project. Also, loose monitoring makes things less measurable lowers down the accountability among the team members.

How to overcome the causes that lead to delay in service delivery

flooring software is one way to address all the challenges mentioned in the above section. the software automates a range of field operations such as job scheduling, route planning, data collaboration, standard communication, invoicing, reporting, field data recording, etc. 

The flooring software and its compatible flooring app are beneficial for the service manager as well as the field workers. The supervisor can use the software for purposes like:

  • Schedule the jobs among the field workers based on their availability and skillsets
  • Manage the schedule calendar, makes changes to it with simple raga and drop methods
  • Track the live locations of the field workforce
  • Send them automated notifications and reminders
  • track the inventory Performance analysis
  • Data analytics and Report making 

The field workers can use the flooring app for purposes such as:

  • Collaborate with back office, seniors, and fellow workers
  • Do their self-services like time stamping, attendance marking, reimbursement claims, etc while on the move 
  • Access the enterprise data while on the go
  • Online invoicing and bill payment on client site
  • Record field data through custom and automated forms      


Along with the aforementioned benefits, flooring estimating software is a necessity to make various business-related estimates like budget estimates, service time-tenure estimates, etc. The software automatically records field data at different touchpoints and using the smart analytics of the software these data can be used to read the trends and based on that different types of estimates can be made for a better-informed business decision.  

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