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How should one enjoy life?


How should one enjoy life?

First of all, as a man who has been single for 22 years, he has long been accustomed to a good and healthy life (manually funny)I have some personal experience on the subject of the question "How should one enjoy life".I prefer the word "feeling" to the word "enjoy"There are actually many events in life that are worth discovering and savoring. I personally take it as an example: After working overtime until 8 o’clock in the evening, when I walked home, I passed by an old noodle restaurant decorated in "greasy" style and had a delicious bowl of braised pork noodles.  After paying the salary every month, I chose a good cafeteria to eat and my stomach rose and exploded, and then I walked out of the restaurant... (Actually, my inner thought is that I have eaten a little longer and the money has not been eaten yet!! !)Occasionally I went to eat some food with my colleagues and laughed at each other's sweaty facesWhen you are resting, you can sleep a little longer in the morning, and make yourself a delicious breakfast/lunch meal after you wake up (eating breakfast/lunch together)When you are bored, go to a movie in which you are alone in the entire cinema, or go to the bookstore to read a bookAfter seeing the beautiful scenery, take a snapshot with your mobile phone, do some rendering later, post to Moments, and share the beautiful scenery with more peopleThere are also succulents that have grown into small buds, and friends have shared an interesting song, and there are many, many moments that I think are very beautiful, so I won’t repeat them here. Personally think that life may not be as beautiful as we think, but there are still many small details worthy of our taste. Seriously discover these little details, and your life will be wonderful! (Ps: It’s the first time to write such a long thing on Zhihu, please like everyone, I haven’t had ten likes yet!).

Will someone invites me to answer this kind of question? ! Some time ago, I felt a state of enjoyment: I got up every morning to cook rice and then went for a run. Come back to prepare lunch and breakfast for noon, then wash, sit down, and eat breakfast while watching the scallop news. After running, I feel cute Then I go to work, take the subway, watch kindle, listen to podcasts, the long commute time doesn’t feel at all, I even hope it will be longer and cover my face~ ~ Come back at night to read a book and ‌Watch‌ ‌Free‌ ‌Movies‌ ‌or‌ ‌Web‌ ‌Series‌ ‌at‌ soap2day 4 u or free 123movies4u  With a projector, you can enjoy the home theater while lying on the bed. When I am alone, I can read a lot of books, and every time I read a book, I feel that I have gone through someone else's life. Oh, the focus is on weekends. Staying at home, just clean it up (after seeing my empty house, I found that throwing things is super cool, the house is empty and super cool and there is wood!!), make yourself a luxurious breakfast or lunch, and provide support Watering small potted plants. Then I read, write, translate, and chat with strangers I know online. Or go out, buy a bunch of food, chat with the girl in the small vegetable market, buy uneaten vegetables and fish. In fact, it is those days, such as running, reading books, living routines, eating, and eating, such days are not crazy. A person is really good. You can do whatever you want without worrying too much. You can be good to whoever you want.

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