How To Effectively Use Cake Boxes To Pack Pie

Posted: 05-07-2022

How To Effectively Use Cake Boxes To Pack Pie

In bakeries, usually, the same type of packaging is used for all the products. With a little alteration, cupcake boxes are a perfect option to use for all types of items, including pies. This food item is made with cheese and other environment-sensitive ingredients. So they are made more secure to cater to all the requirements of pies. Below are some of the ways to use these boxes for packaging amazing pies. 

Add Custom Dividers

Simple-looking cupcake boxes are quite effective to package pies in them. The basic purpose of designing them was to provide safety to fragile mini cakes. Best packaging providers manufacture dividers in every shape to increase storage space and making the items more secure during shipping. These dividers can be manufactured according to the slices of pie to make them secure during shipping. Whenever a food lover orders a pie, bakers can put those custom inserts in generally used packages to deliver cakes and other bakery items. Brands can save a lot of costs without getting separate pie packaging to package the pies by utilizing this creative technique. They also increase the presentation of products placed in them.

Opt For Minimalism

 Minimalism is a hot trend in packaging nowadays, and various brands are following this trend to bring uniqueness to their business. Wholesale pie boxes are also designed according to this technique. Manufacturers add various sleeves and hidden scoring to alter packaging to use for various types of items. These scorings are performed to use them for various other purposes. They are also designed this way on demand for food brands. By utilizing this creative technique, they are able to use that same packaging for various bakery items like cakes, pastries, and pies also. This minimalistic and creative approach also saves a lot of expenses and let the brands use their standard packaging to present pies.

Make Them Coated Internally

Coating and lamination make the custom packages leak-proof and effective for food items that are a little oily or liquid in nature. For utilizing commonly used box for pie packaging, it is necessary to coat and laminate them internally and externally with some finishing materials during the manufacturing process. Pies are a sensitive product and need more safety to resist all changing environmental conditions. This coating and lamination make the packaging a fully secured solution that increases the shelf life of boxes and products placed inside them. Every type of item is suitable to place in them by utilizing this functionality. Parchment papers are also very effective to utilize generally used boxes to package pies. They will also look more attractive by utilizing this functionality.

Utilize Customization

Customization plays a significant role in catching customer attention. It can effectively turn general bakery boxes into attractive and elegant wholesale pie boxes. Different customization options make them more effective and presentable. In most packaging types, almost the same personalization options are used, which increases product presentation. A custom window cut-out in a box equally makes the items more presentable. Customers become more irresistible by seeing food items through this customized window. Other options that are used to increase brand recognition plays the same role for all types of items. A uniquely embossed logo also works the same for all types of items to market the brand.

Make Them Sustainable

Sustainability is a must present feature in packaging nowadays. Confectioners especially prefer the presence of sustainability in their packages to ship their food products. It is also necessary to make pie packaging according to these standards. Cake boxes are also used effectively to package pies because they are also manufactured with biodegradable materials. These materials are completely prepared with organic substances. These materials are quite easy to get decomposed in a very short time. Food lovers always prefer items packaged in such materials that have less chance to impact human health by food containment. Customers are likely to purchase items when they see such qualities offered by brands. 

Try Custom Inserts 

Converting the commonly used cake boxes into wholesale pie boxes is quite easy with the help of custom inserts. These inserts are made according to the dimensions of the products. To use them for pies, inserts are simply placed in them, and a unique exposure is created, which impresses the buyers quite effectively. Some inserts are also used to cover the items from all sides to preserve their quality and freshness. These inserts also ensure their safety and keep them safe from changing environmental conditions. These inserts also increase the overall aesthetics of the packaging to make a positive impression on buyers.

All these discussed techniques are quite helpful in using simple cake and cupcake boxes to package pies in them. Various confectioners are using these techniques to reduce overall packaging costs. Using the cake boxes creatively also enhances brand reputation as they are getting maximum out of their available sources. They are a perfect choice to deliver amazing and mouthwatering pies in the right condition.