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How to Use WordPress to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization


How to Use WordPress to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

Do you know that Wordpress can be used in a variety of ways for Search Engine Optimization, hence the need to install all those "one more thing" plugins?

Almost all "out of the box" Wordpress plugins are designed to make your blogs more interactive and attractive and less work to do any SEO. A close second is the search engine optimization benefits you will receive. WordPress A2 Optimized plugin can deliver the 18 tools in one, you need to optimize your website.

If you install all those "one more thing" plugins and your web page/blog is built correctly, the SEO for WordPress principle will apply (if you optimize your page - you should get spiderable code every time you update any page - unlike other websites).

Update Frequency

The install notice the upgrade frequency. By "doing the upgrade" once a month you will encourage the search engines to visit your site for the next venture.

When you receive the Treat way of gratification and the interior linking to other pages you will find that those links (i.e. "back links") are created and actively managed and bring huge SERP results and traffic to your site.

Improve URLs

Treat hyperlinks that have keywords as part of their URLs. In other words instead of writing your URL like this: you can change it to something like this: /services/buy-flower-ets- today/

As part of the KISS (Keep it simple) principle, you should make your filenames and slugs short and attractive.

Add Keywords to Page Titles

It is considered good practice to add keywords to your page titles and include the keywords that you are promoting in the title. When you create the titles, use keywords that you think people will use for a search.

When you create the URLs, use keywords that you think people will use for a search. For example, if you are a florist based in till-setton, you might consider:

/florists/t bene-bloom-of-the- involved-to-buy-the-flower-ets/Pages/default.aspx

You could experiment with different titles to see what works best for you; you should also have a good look around the web for some good examples.

Improve SEO Quality by reducing files in size

You can tell WordPress to find files of .html and .htm extension and index them so that your web pages will be indexed faster. This plugin will do that for you. You should install it after you have built your web pages.

This is the most important SEO plugin to install. Some SEO themes already provide this functionality by default. All you do is install the plugin and change the default structure of your blog to this type of structure:

URLs: /%postname%. html

Links: /%postname%.htm

You can change the structure of these links with the defaults or you can move them to the end of the file if you encounter any problems. Now, you can also avoid having problems if you download other plugins that do the same thing.

You should download the SEO pack for free. It has a lot of features, it does not clash with other plugins and it is not a standard plugin.

Using header tags

Limitations of Googles' SE Advice

Googles' SE Advicekin saying that if you make your site for your visitors then the search engines will love you. That's good for you and Google but bad for the search engines. They are in the business of providing the best possible results to people who are searching for things so if your page is about flowers and you used words to tell people about their speculated theories about flowers then Google would penalize you for not providing relevant information.

Googles' SE Advice is to:

- Add more text information on the home page and other pages (including the About and Contact pages). - Add some images (including a photo of your building or actual flowers). - Don't add a menu system because it will stop people from using it. - Make sure that the text on the home page and any other pages of your website contain the correct keywords. - Use the keywords to create as many pages as possible. - Be creative with the use of the keywords. - Go for speed. If you can make the changes listed here quick and easy then you stand a good chance of getting ranked quicker. Googles' SE Advice cannot vouch for how to correct or incorrect you are on the above points but if you follow the above and do the necessary work I'm sure that you will do extremely well on any search engine.

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