Repair Your Hair with Olaplex Products at LookFantastic


Repair Your Hair with Olaplex Products at LookFantastic

Hair is the most important feature a woman can own. Damaged hair means hair that is dry looking and frizzy to feel. However, the worst part is when this damaged hair starts to fall out. Will a woman look good with a bald head or patchy hair? It’s high time to reverse the damage done to our hair. This damage might be done intentionally while the other might be done to look good. The pollutants in our environment and the water we use have damaged our hair unintentionally along with the daily use of shampoos and conditioners which are full of harmful chemicals. And to look good, we have gotten different treatments such as colored our hair went for rebounding and keratin which has damaged the hair to the core. Now it’s time to reverse the damage with the use of Olaplex products. You can get your hands on a wide variety of Olaplex products from LookFantastic and with the use of the LookFantastic promo code, you can avail of them at a great price.

Oil Your Hair Right

Olaplex is the haircare range from the Ordinary which has active ingredients helping in restoring your hair. They will reverse the damage, control it, and also spike back the hair growth. There are various products you can get your hands on from the brand. You will be familiar with the name; after all, many salons now use Olaplex religiously and have separate deals and treatments using this brand only. The first product to invest in from the brand is the No 7 Bonding oil. This 100% vegan organic oil is specially designed to improve your dry and damaged hair. You can apply the oil overnight on your dry or even damp hair. You will instantly notice a shine and smoothness in your hair. Use the LookFantastic promo code to get the No & bonding oil at an incredible rate.

The Regular Use Shampoo and Conditioner

The second product to invest in, something which is a replacer for your regular use shampoo and conditioner is the No 4 and No 5 from the brand. No 4 is the bond maintenance shampoo while no 5 is the bond maintenance conditioner. Both of these products can be used alongside the No 3 hair perfector mask before washing your hair. Using No 4 and No 5 is very simple, just the same way as you used to use your regular shampoo and conditioner. Both of these products protect your hair from damage, reverse the damage, and provide nourishment to your hair. Get the shampoo and conditioner bundle from LookFantastic at an amazing price with the use of the LookFantastic promo code.

Get the Complete Bundle

If you have dry and damaged hair, then it’s highly recommended to get your hands on the complete bundle of the Olaplex collection from LookFantastic. The bundle includes the No & oil, No 6 the bond smoother, No 3, No 4, and No5, a complete package to strengthen your hair at a lower cost. This might be a little on the expensive side but with the use of the LookFantastic promo code; you can get some amazing discounts on the bundle or can also opt for the bundle trial pack.


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