Residential Garage Door Repair – PROS AND CONS


Residential Garage Door Repair – PROS AND CONS

Garage plays a crucial role in any residence or office space. In many places, along with parking space, these garages can be used as a gym, storeroom, or living space. The most important part of a garage is its door, which provides safety and security to your vehicles, kids, and pets. Many homeowners use the garage doors as their home’s entryway. Being an entry and exit, its demands modern design and pattern along with durability.  

Garage Door Service in Dallas provides you a specialized range of manual and automated garage doors. According to today’s need, Glass Garage doors are in high demand. These doors are made with Aluminum or Steel frames with glass insert. Though Glass garage doors are the first choice of every customer nowadays, it has some pros and cons that you should go through before making any decision to buy it.

Pros of Glass Garage Door

  1. It helps to allow more natural light in the garage.
  2. Garage doors are more versatile. They are available in a range of colors, designs, and patterns that give a modular look to your property. 
  3. It increases the aesthetic value of your residence.
  4. Overhead glass doors are not just popular in garages. They can also be used to enhance a mixed-use space. 

Cons of Glass Garage Doors

  1. It cost roughly twice that a regular steel door.
  2. Even with insulated glass, its windows are less energy efficient. 
  3. Though every garage door needs regular care and cleaning, large glass windows can collect dust and dirt more frequently than others and, if not cleaned properly, look very dirty.
  4. Glass is more likely to break.


Now the next question that arises is about its maintenance. Like any other garage door, it also needs some care for its proper working and increased life. Regular cleaning with warm water and a mild detergent is perfect for keeping its appearance steady. Always inspect your door once a month, check the door pulleys, springs, hinges, and cables. If anything looks worn or loose, call an expert like Residential Garage Door Repair and get inspected. Also, the reversing mechanism and photo-eye of electric garage doors should be tested at a regular time interval. Tracks, hinges, rollers, and springs can be lightly lubricated twice a year. Regularly inspect the seal at the edges of the door. 

Though taking all precautions and doing regular care & maintenance, you can face problems like Noisy or Frozen garage door, broken glass needing replacement, door openers not working correctly, and many similar issues. For all such issues, always trust a professional mechanic like Garage Door Repair and get the repair done, achieving complete peace to mind. 

Glass Garage doors are in a trend, but if you are still not convinced with a Full glass garage door, you can go through some alternatives, such as a single panel window, Flush Panels with side windows, or Mixed windows.

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