Temporary Graduate Visa 485 – An Opportunity To Study Further In Australia


Temporary Graduate Visa 485 – An Opportunity To Study Further In Australia

After your studies in Australia, if you choose to stay back there, you will have a wide variety of opportunities. You can apply for and get a Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485. It will allow you to continue with your living, studying and job after you have completed your graduation. As the name suggests, it is a temporary visa. Thus it will allow you to continue with this venture temporarily. 
If you have studied in a regional area in Australia, you can add some extra years to the visa to extend your stay. In this article, we discuss some essential factors about the Visa 485. 

What Is The Temporary Graduate Visa 485?

The Temporary Graduate Visa 485, also termed a Graduate Visa or abbreviated as TR or TGV, will allow you to stay in Australia. It will give you complete work rights to work and stay for one and a half years to four years. There are two streams under this visa – Graduate Work Stream (GWS) and Post-Study Work Stream (PSWV). The requirements for each stream are different, and before you apply, you must see that you apply for the correct one.

What Are The Requirements For The Graduate Work Stream Visa (Subclass 485)?

The specific Australian study requirements that you have to meet while applying for this visa are as follows.
⦁    You must hold at least one diploma, a trade qualification, or a degree issued by an approved Australian institute. The qualification should also meet specific requirements.
⦁    The course duration must be as long as 92 weeks and also should cover at least 16 months.
⦁    You must have a skill included in the MTSSL or the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List.
⦁    You should have attended the skills assessment.

One point you should note here that you can only get this visa if you apply for and get your first-ever student visa before 5 November 2011. 

What Are The Requirements For The Post-Study Work Stream Visa (Subclass 485)?

Here also you have to meet specific Australian study requirements to become eligible to apply.
⦁    You must hold an Australian eligible degree like a Bachelor, or Masters or a Ph.D.
⦁    The course length should also be a minimum of 92 weeks, and the course should cover 16 months.

In contrast to the Graduate Work Stream, you can only get this visa if you apply for and get your first-ever student visa after 5 November 2011.

What Is The Health Requirement For This Visa?

In general, international students need to have Overseas Student Health Cover or OSHC when studying in Australia. But when you have to apply for Visa 485, you will also need to change your OSHC insurance to graduate health cover. According to the Australian government’s rule, you and your family members must have basic health cover. As evidence, you have to show the insurance agreement while applying for the 485 Visa. There will be various factors that may help you in finding the most appropriate health cover for you. For this specific requirement, MAP can be your solution. They can assign you with a migration expert for the necessary guidance.

What Is Meant By Living And Studying In An Australian Regional Area, And What Advantage Can You Get On Visa 485?

Suppose you have studied at a degree level or above and applied for a Post-Study Work Stream Visa or PSWV based on living and studying in an Australian regional area. In that case, you can apply for one or two years in addition to your subclass 485 visa Australia issued by Australia. This rule has been introduced very recently. It has been applicable since 20 January 2021.

What Is The Importance Of Temporary Visa 485?

This visa will provide you with the opportunity to equip yourself with the critical skills and techniques needed in the workplace. On some occasions, it will also help you achieve skilled migration or employer sponsorship goals. Any employer can recruit you if you have Visa 485, and the recruitment can be done without any requirement for employer sponsorship arrangements.

When Should You Lodge Your Visa 485 Application?

First of all, you should lodge your 485 Subclass Visa application well before your current student visa gets expired. Here we give the specific timeframe when you can apply.
⦁    You should apply it within 6 months of your course completion.
⦁    You should apply for it within 6 months of your student visa 500 expiry.
⦁    And finally, you should be inside Australia at the time of the application.

Please note that concessions can be available for a specific student due to the current pandemic situation. We will discuss the benefits in detail in the next section.

What Are The Current COVID-19 Concessions And Eligibility Changes?

The applied concessions due to the COVID-19 pandemic impacts include:
⦁    You can lodge your application for the 485 Visa within 12 months of finishing your graduation course. But, it will only be applicable when you were not present in Australia between 1 February 2020 and 19 September 2020. You should remember that this concession is not for every student and for only those who apply for this visa offshore and was not in Australia for a part or all of this time.
⦁    If you have undertaken any online study outside Australia because of the restrictions imposed on travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will affect the Australian study requirement. Furthermore, all these students can apply for their 485 Visa from outside Australia but only for a limited time (from 1 February 2020 to a date that is still not announced).

These are all concessions, and once the pandemic ends, they will also end. The authority will then impose new eligibility rules. You have to prepare a 485 Visa checklist before going to lodge your visa application.

Where To Get Help?

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