Two Big Events of Muslim - Eid ul Fitr - Eid ul Azha


Two Big Events of Muslim - Eid ul Fitr - Eid ul Azha


  1. Eid is a religious festival.
  2. We celebrate two eids in a year.
  3. One is Eid ul Fitr and the other is Eid ul Azha.
  4. We take a bath in the morning and wear new clothes.
  5. It is a day of jay for all Muslims around the world.
  6. We all offer eid prayer in a mosque or Eid Gah.
  7. We eat tasty dishes on eid.
  8. We also exchange gifts on eid.
  9. we should also help the poor or needy on this day.


Eid ul Fitr 

Eid ul Fitr is an important day for Muslims. It is one of the main festivals of Muslims. This festival celebrated all over the world with great joy and happiness. It is celebrated at the end of Ramadan. 

On this day Muslims gather in the mosque and say a prayer in the form of 'Namaz'. They wear new clothes and greet each other by saying 'Eid Mubarik'. Sweets are distributed and gifts are given to each other. Friends and relatives are invited for dinner. 

It is a festival of love and goodwill. It gives a message to love all and hate none.

Eid ul Azha

Eid ul Azha is a religious festival of Muslims. It is celebrated on 10th Zul-Hajjah of the Islamic month. Eid ul Azha is also named Big Eid. Eid prayer is offered on the first day of Eid. Muslims take a bath on Eid day and wear new clothes. It lasts for three days. Muslims sacrifice their animals like goats, sheep, cows, and buffalos, etc. Muslims sacrifice their animals in remembrance of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S). The meat of animals is also distributed among poor and helpless people. Sweet and tasty dishes are cooked on eid day.

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