Watch Collector’s Guide: Which Watch Brand Should You Buy?


Watch Collector’s Guide: Which Watch Brand Should You Buy?

As a wristwatch collector, the brand of watch you choose to buy is essential. Some collectors prefer to focus on a particular type of brand. Other’s like to mix things up and have variety. Whatever the case, you have to settle for quality standards and have wristwatches that would last for a reasonable period. 

Not all Wristwatches are the same in terms of quality, appearance, etc. There are variations in watch quality based on the brands you purchase it from.  It's not a doubt that not all wristwatches are made of quality materials. Nevertheless, some brands are highly recommended. Below are some examples. 

  • Tissot  

For quite a very long time, Tissot has been in existence, known for producing one of the most quality Wristwatches.  The company has been in existence for decades and has been consistent in maintaining high-quality wristwatches. Aside from the fact that this company is a reputable brand for producing quality watches, you should also expect to get the watches affordable. 

There are various types of Wristwatch, which you should expect to get, ranging from men's watches, women's watches, fashion watches, etc.  The prices of each wristwatch are pretty low more than you may think. 

  • Tudor 

This is another brand known for producing quality watches. The brand has maintained a legacy of being the best, among others.  There are many brands out there, who make fewer quality watches, watches that you will buy and will start fading in a couple of days after the purchase. 

Buying watches from Tudor will give you a bright mind that you are opting for the best.  What type of wristwatch can you get from Tudor? There are various types of Wristwatch which you can get from the brand, ranging from men's watches, lady’s watches.  

Furthermore, they have an online store where you can get any of your wristwatch types, all you have to do is order the wristwatch from their site, and the package will be delivered to the buyer's address.  In addition, you can buy from a certified reseller of this brand. Tudor is a well-known brand that has been able to catch users' attention via its quality product and produce a long-lasting Wristwatch.  

  • Hamilton  

Hamilton joined the leagues of brands known for producing quality Wristwatch 7 years ago, and the consistency in delivering quality products has continued to move the company forward.  

This company is worldwide known for producing men's and women's watches of high quality, and they have a reputation to maintain.  When the company started, they were only able to pull a few customers. Nevertheless, these few customers kept bringing more people to the company because of the long-lasting watches they are getting from the company.  

Also, the company has an online store where you can order your wristwatch if you aren't near any of their outlets in your location.  You can use any of your cards to purchase the wristwatch you want from their store. Once your payment has been confirmed, the watch will be sent to the location where you will get it from. 

  • Richard Millie 

Founded in 1999, Richard Mille has remained the boss amid Wristwatch producing companies.  The watches produced by this company are of high quality, which you will love. The look of the wristwatches is attractive and sparkling and can captivate the attention of anyone.  

For anyone who loves fancy things, buying watches from this company is the best option you will ever go for, although the price is not classified as affordable. Also, the company gives room to affiliate marketers, who will partner with them and get a commission for each product they sell.  

  • Audemars Piguet 

Audemars Piguet has been in existence for years, producing high-quality watches. The company is known for one thing, and that is making the best watches and outstanding watches.  

They have outlets in different locations worldwide, where you can get any of their products from. If you cannot find their outlets in your region, you can order them on their website, and they will be shipped to your location.  Furthermore, Audemars Piguet produces various wristwatches, which will be watches made of different colors to satisfy their customer's desires. 

  • Breitling 

Breitling Is a brand, who has been producing quality watches for years. Their wristwatches are in grades and at different prices. Various factors determine the costs of watches, starting from the quality, etc.  

When Breitling started their wristwatch production, many brands were producing quality watches. Nevertheless, the brand was able to scale through the competition by maintaining the production of high-quality watches. And today, the brand has been known locally and Internationally as a brand and has been consistent in producing high-quality watches.  Nevertheless, you will undoubtedly get a suitable wristwatch, no matter how low your budget is. 

  • Bulova 

Another thing that sets Bulova watches apart from others on the market is their styling. The company's styles incorporate a blend of art and functionality. 

Bulova watches use a variety of different materials in their timepiece designs. One of the more common elements is that they are all crafted with a high degree of precision. Many Bulova watches come in either stainless steel or gold. Either one of these materials provides a great-looking watch that will be sure to get noticed and is an excellent addition to any wardrobe. A stainless steel watch will look sharp with a shirt and tie and is just as fine with dress pants and a nice blouse.


There are many brands out there, producing high-quality watches for decades. Nevertheless, many people aren't aware of these brands. And as a result, they have been getting their wristwatches from brands, which only offer fewer quality watches, which will make users get the wristwatches.  And thanks to the improvement of technology, you can order watches on their website if you can't find any of their outlets in your region.

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