What Does S mean on Snapchat? S in Streaks

Posted: 21-02-2022

What Does S mean on Snapchat? S in Streaks

Snapchat is an android and iOS application and is created by a public company ‘Snap’ which claims to be a camera company. The core concept of the application, initially, was to take pictures. And that was it. With time, features like sending pictures and videos became accessible to the users. The app was designed primarily to assist users in initiating a more naturally flowing form of communication.

Why Snapchat?

The application initially focused on a more private, one on one sharing of images but over time it was started to be used for sending videos, live video chatting, messaging, creating bitmoji avatars, and chronological story sharing which is then broadcasted to the followers.

Some other features on Snapchat which are more significant to be mentioned here are the ability to add filters and the AR lenses which change pictures drastically. In addition to this, Snapchat shows the live location of its users to the people added on the app as friends.

What are streaks?

To create a quick and swift form of communication between a user and his or her friends, Snapchat streaks are sent. It is just a picture taken from your application which is then forwarded to the people who you want to send it to. The picture is forwarded to them as a streak and they can only view it once. Once they click on it, and it is viewed, it is gone forever. They may however take a screenshot of it but you are notified of the taken screenshot.

How do I start a streak?

To start a Snapchat streak, you and your friend have to keep sending us snaps, not chats, back and forth to each other within a 24-hour time frame. When you have an ongoing streak with a friend, a fire emoji appears after their name in the chat tab of the application. The number next to the fire sign indicates how long has the streak been going on.

What is the S in streaks?

Usually, when a streak is forwarded to people, to indicate that it is a streak, an s is drawn on the pictures. It may be a proper S or an S like shape. The use of this S has become extremely normalized, and to the extent that even the people who do not know what the S stands for draw it on their streaks.

Why is it required to specify it?

This requirement is not set in stone. It is not a necessity to have the S drawn on pictures. In most cases, it is observed that to make the streak going, people usually take pictures of whatever they have in front of them. In some cases, people might just put their hand on the back camera, and take a plain black picture. In an attempt to indicate its purpose, the S is drawn on images.

In addition to this, the S can be said to be an abbreviation or the short form of Snapchat or Streak. Also, when a user receives a chat with an S on it, it is an indication towards the fact that the sender wants to maintain a streak with you. When someone receives a streak with the S, it means the same thing. A generalized response which is now considered to be an etiquette is to reply with an image with the S drawn.

What more do you need to know about Snapchat streaks?

To keep your streak going, there is just a single rule that you need to follow, you and your friend must send s to snap back and forth at least once in a 24-hour time frame. However, there are some kinds of interactions which are not counted in your streaks.

  1. When you reply to someone in form of a text, it is not counted in your streaks. The streaks have to be images sent directly to the friend.
  2. The stories that you post are just stories and do not count as streaks.
  3. The Snapchat memories that you forward to the people who you usually send snaps to are sent in the form of images in the chat. They are not counted as streaks.
  4. The snaps or images that you send to groups or to people in a bulk do not add to your streak count.

What is required to start streaks on Snapchat?

Nothing specific is required of you to start a Snapchat streak. You just need to make sure that you and your friend send each other snaps at least once in a day. But, if you want to have streaks developed with your friends, you need to start the streak the right way.

The first step for this is to find a willing participant. Streaks feel a lot like a commitment and if you do you not have friends who are willing to start a streak with you, you might just be the only one sending in snaps and not receive any.

The first snap matters since it is the only way someone is going to know that you are interested in starting a streak. One thing that you can do here is just taking a blank photo and send it to people with the caption ‘snapstreak?’ The other person may or may not reply to it so you can drop the idea of sending snaps to that person.

If there is someone you do not interact with on a regular basis, there is no point in sending streaks to them. It would just like having a silent observer look at everything you do without knowing anything about your life. There are more chances of the other person losing interest in your streaks and might break even if you people have a respectable streak score.

Why are youngsters so interested in streaks?

Streaks can be considered to be rivalry and friendship at the same time. People generally have streaks with their friends and also with the people they want to show their lives off to. Once the streaks are started, it becomes a competition to see who breaks it off first and the pressure of responding daily becomes a necessity.