What Is The Importance Of English Language And How Can One Study English?


What Is The Importance Of English Language And How Can One Study English?

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. According to statistics, about 1 billion people in the world speak and understand English. But, it is not the only reason why you should study English. It will help you improve your academic opportunities and achieve all your professional goals. In this blog, we discuss all the reasons why you should study English language courses. 

English Will Open New Academic And Career Opportunities

It is the most important reason why you should attend an English course. With the advancement of technology, developed economy, and massive digitalization, the job market has become global. That is why most companies will hire employees with impressive communication skills to speak with all clients worldwide.

Thus, if you want to apply for a job or look for a promotion, having good English skills will increase your chances. Even positions are opening for bilingual people. So, if you know English, you can become a language teacher, an English marketing professional, or a translator in a globally operating company.


English tests can help you to get admitted into universities

English tests are conducted worldwide to check the various language skills of a student. TOEFL, IELTS, are two of the most widely attended tests. If you study English in Australia to pass these tests, it will give you plenty of opportunities to take admission into world-class universities.

If you want to migrate to an English-speaking area or work there, you will need a student visa. Having English skills will also increase your points on a visa. However, you have first to decide which English test you will take.

There are various colleges and language study centers in Australia that offer practice classes for these tests.

Even if you are not interested in taking a test for a particular reason or have already completed your graduation, you can still choose test-oriented study. It will help you improve your English skills because these courses focus on teaching the essential English skills needed in a workplace. And, if you ultimately sit in and pass the test, you will have a firm grip on the language.


English will help you in using the internet

It is the most-used language on the internet, with statistics showing about 1 billion users use this language for chatting and typing. If you read and understand the language quite well, you can access numerous resources available online.

Online news portals have developed significantly in the last few years. So, reading online news articles will give you many insights. After watching a video on YouTube, you can leave a thoughtful comment. You will be able to understand all the tweets posted by English-speaking people. And, as online seminars have become pretty standard in this pandemic time, knowing English will help you actively participate in the discussions.

If you are a business person, your English knowledge will help you carry out research, promotions and build online connections.

Email is also another mode of communication that is mainly used for formal conversations with people. It is the primary way most companies use to communicate with clients, other businesses, and their customers. If you know how to write official emails in English, you will become an integral part of the organization.


You can read plenty of books and watch numerous movies in English

Attending a quality study English in Australia will help you to gain excellent English skills. It will open a vast world of knowledge and entertainment. If you learn the language effectively, you will not have to depend on translations and read the original text.

There are hundreds of movies released in the US and Britain every year that include blockbusters to action to classics. You can also watch the old all-time great movies. Nowadays, online platforms have developed, too, releasing a number of web series and cinemas. Sports, entertainment, and news programs are also telecast globally in English.


You can be smarter

According to research, learning English will improve your brain structure. As a result, you can think in a much better way and have versatility in your thinking. 

How can you study English?

English courses are available in many institutes in Perth. Many of them offer online teaching in which they take a very natural approach to help you learn it more comfortably. They frequently upload videos on their sites, which are very interactive, and you can ask any questions to clear your doubts. You can also increase your vocabulary. An efficient way to improve your English is to read books, and you can take suggestions on this.


If you’re from another country and looking for an English language to study in Australia for international students, you can contact Stanley College for guidance. 

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