Why your child should go for GIIS Future Ready Merit Scholarship


Why your child should go for GIIS Future Ready Merit Scholarship

Education is expensive. With so many families affected in the wake of the coronavirus, plenty of students find their schooling disrupted. If you’ve been thinking of ways that your child can still pursue education while your family saves on funds, then suggest scholarship programmes. There are plenty of options out there that your child is eligible for, including the merit scholarship at the GIIS. Here's a look at some of the reasons why you’ll want to encourage your kid to try out for this one.

Funding Coverage

There’s no getting around the fact that one of the best reasons to suggest educational grants is that they cover the cost of the tuition. If your family is short on funds right now, having your child get awarded a GIIS FUTURE READY Merit Scholarship will definitely solve all your funding problems.

More Time

With those funding issues resolved, your child can concentrate on schoolwork and studies and s/he won’t have to worry about having to get a part-time job to help cover the expenses. The more time your child has for schoolwork, the better as that time will ensure better grades. Kids who are fully dedicated to their studies have a much better chance of getting excellent academic scores, too.

College Admissions

Better academic records are key to getting into the best colleges. Your child’s academic record is one of the first things that the college administrators will see. If it’s impressive, that could already get your child’s foot in the door, making it easier to bag a slot at the college and course programme that your child wants.

More Opportunities

Excellent academic records are also instrumental in getting more scholarships. If your child already has a scholarship on record, that generates a trustworthy impression. The next time your child applies for a scholarship, the administrators will take one look at your little one’s application portfolio, see that scholarship on record and will conclude that your child is on the fast-track to academic success. Knowing that your child has already gotten an educational grant in the past, they know that giving him or her another one isn’t going to be wasted. Programme administrators often want the same thing: to give financial aid to those who deserve it, to provide scholarships to students with the most promising future, so that these kids have a chance to make something of themselves, and to then give back to other equally deserving kids in the future.

Morale Booster

Is your child having a hard time with something? Even the best of us get down and insecure at times. Having your child try out for scholarships and then get one is a definite morale booster. Getting a grant is an excellent way to validate your child. That s/he is good enough. That s/he has talents and skills that make her an asset, that s/he has what it takes to try for a scholarship and win it. However, it might not happen on the first try, not even on the second or third. But with patience and practice, your child will get a grant sooner or later.

Professional Career

One of the best things about getting a grant is that it’s also a wonderful way to stand out to recruiting teams. If your child already knows what field s/he will work in someday, already knows the kind of work s/he is passionate about and will want to do for the rest of his or her life, then having a scholarship on record makes for a strong case. It can tip the scales in your child’s favor. Your child can easily get accepted into any company s/he wants.

Personal Development

Trying for a grant has plenty of benefits. Just trying for a scholarship already puts your child against a ton of kids with equally impressive records and portfolios. Experiencing the competition can help your child get out of his or her comfort zone and shell. It can aid your child to develop better ways to deal with people, how to cope with rejection, how to get back up and try again. Failure isn’t necessarily bad. The only thing wrong with failure is when people fail to learn from it. Introducing your child to this experience early on will help build strength of character and can teach your child a lot about what it means to never give up.

There are plenty of scholarships out there that aren’t only for students with excellent academic scores. Merit grants are given out based on stellar talent in fields like the performing arts, sports, and more. That means there’s more to school and learning than academic scores. That means any child with exceptional talent can have a chance to shine, regardless of their grades and academic standing. 


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