2 Minutes Depression Test For Free

In this depression test, we have some questions for you which you have to answer in yes or no. You have to answer honestly. After answering all the questions you have to click on the button. Our Depression Test Calculator will check your answers and give you the result of your Depression Test. If you see any errors on this Depression Test page, please comment or email us at our e-mail.



Q 1. Do you feel sadness daily and smile little bit?
Q 2. Do you get angry at the little things of others?
Q 3. Do you take little interest in daily work?
Q 4. Do you gain weight fast or lose weight fast?
Q 5. Are you in Insomina (means when you lay down on the bed for sleep but you cannot sleep for hours)?
Q 6. Do you feel fatigue without doing anything?
Q 7. Do you have low feelings for others and worry about them?
Q 8. Do you have less appetite?
Q 9. Do you have thoughts of dying?
Q 10. Do you find any difficulty to decide anything??



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Depression is something that almost all of us have to deal with somewhere. There will be many of you who are going through depression or have gone through depression .What does depression actually be? Is depression the same for everyone?

There are two types of depression, one is feeling depressed and the other is suffering from it. This is a trivial matter if you are feeling it. This happens for a while. Over time, that is likely to change, and the depression will subside. And if you suffer from it, it can be dangerous for you.

Depression is a mental illness. More than three hundred million people worldwide suffer from this disease. There are people of all ages in it. Depression is the fastest growing disease in the world. Depression is more common in women than in men. Depression can sometimes lead to suicide. Approximately eight million people commit suicide each year due to depression. And most of them are people between the ages of fifteen and thirty. The disease is spreading rapidly and almost every second person seems to talk about it.

FAQ's and their answers

Q 1:What are the symtoms of depression?

Depression makes a person anxious, he is anxious all the time. Something bad is going on in his mind all the time. That guy will want to be different from the others. Usually the sadness wears off after something good happens. But the sadness that is caused by depression does not go away until it is gone. Such a person loses interest in people. He gets frustrated. Such a person thinks that now everything will end. It will not be fun to do any work. This is what is always going on in his mind that whatever I do will be wrong. He seems to consider himself inferior to others. He has become a failure in himself. Below we describe some of the symptoms of depression. If you have any of these symptoms, you may be depressed.

  1. Sadness
  2. Loss of interest or pleasure in activities you used to enjoy
  3. Shange in weight
  4. Difficulty sleeping or over sleeping
  5. Energy loss
  6. Feelings of worthlessness
  7. Thoughts of death or suicide

Q 2:What are the causes of depression?

Everyone in this world wants to get everything in this world. He longs for everything and when he doesn't get it he starts to get upset inside. This is the same war he keeps fighting inside. That way the man goes into depression.

Jealousy is a disease that leads to depression. When a person sees himself as richer and more beautiful than himself, he may be jealous. And when a person is jealous, he becomes sad. And when a person becomes depressed, he goes into depression. Below we describe some of the same symptoms that cause depression. You look at them comfortably and try to avoid these things.

  1. Don't talk to someone
  2. Thinking much about your future
  3. Genetic environmental
  4. Psychological and biochemical factors
  5. Family background

Q 3:How to get rid of depression?

Depression is a disease that will not go away unless you try to get rid of it yourself. Suppose that if you have made a mistake or you have failed at a task, instead of crying and depressing yourself, you may think that the task was not made for you. You try not to repeat this task. Because when you do it again, you will not feel happy doing it. And secondly, always do the things that make you feel good and happy. This means that if you were suffering from depression, you will gradually get rid of it. Here is a list of some of the similar things you can do to get rid of depression.

  1. Don't live alone
  2. Try to talk with the people around you
  3. Don't use social media too much
  4. Take part in physical games
  5. Try to do that work that you like most

How it work

  1. First you will answer the question
  2. Then we will make calculation on your answers by our depression test calculator
  3. If you are in Safe Zond, means your depression rate is less than or equal to 30, then you are not in depression
  4. If you are in Middle Zone means your depression rate is less than or equal to 60 and greater than 30, then you are little bit in depression
  5. And if you are in Danger Zond means your depression rate is greater than 60, then you are suffered in depression


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