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Girls WhatsApp Groups

Some boys and girls are the ones who are afraid to speak directly. That's why they use messaging apps so that they can talk and no one knows. They search for WhatsApp groups on the Internet so they can join them and talk to each other. Here we have given you enough girls WhatsApp groups that you can join and chat safely. If you want to get girls WhatsApp number or girls mobile number then you can join these girls WhatsApp group links and get call girl number or chat girl number from that group that you will join.

How to get girls WhatsApp numbers?

If you want to get girls WhatsApp numbers then you have to join the girls WhatsApp groups given below. By joining these groups you will be joined into girls WhatsApp groups. After joining that girls WhatsApp groups, you can easily get girls mobile numbers from that group.

😍Earning group😘
school life
Earning money
Love is life
Love is life
Love is life
Ilm ki dunia
Islamic midia gurop
Status video
Full Fun
شاعری کی دنیا
Only girls
Group for everyone
only video 😘😍😍
Waise group
Brand outlet for resaliers
🥰ladies and cuties
Only girls
Pubg lover 🙂
Just Lahore girls boys
۝ᵗʰᵉ✯᭄Ꭺ Ꮮ – Ꭺ Q S Ꭺ
S*x Is life
Seven Star Groups
320 روپےلگاٶ اور 25$ کماٶ
Girls college group
Islami Group
Female group
Current Affairs
Cute girls
TLP Muslim media
Branded Dresses PK 3
Branded Dresses PK 2
Branded Dresses PK
Couple girls grp
Only tiktok video
Gf exchange karachi
College girls and boys
Message Aaya Hai
(حقوق العباد (قرآن میں
(حقوق العباد (احادیث میں
Verse Of The Day.
Dua Of The Day.
Real Paid Girl Sana
Ful mast video
Sell and buy
Escort meetups
ONLy S**X Available
Only Girls
Star bs Nursing library
Pakistan Girl Enjoy Time WhatsApp
Funn masti
فرمانِ صحابہ کرام
احادیثِ نبوی
القرآن الحکیم
اقوال حضرت عثمان غنی رضہ
اقوال حضرت عمر فاروق رضہ
اقوال حضرت ابوبکر صدیق
اقوال صحابہ کرام رضہ
اقوال حضرت امام حسین رضہ
اقوال حضرت امام علی رضہ
Only Girls Group
Pyara islam
Only girls
Girls Group
Pakistan Jobs Portal (PJP)
Biyan ul quran
Love is life
✌️✌️Brahui ❣️
Mia Khalifa
Best h*t leaked videos
Job Alert
Wafa Tum se hai
Mast boys Mast girls
Khanzada chandia
Funn Time Full Masti
Free video chat with girls
SaD🥀🌺 PoEtRy 😍😘Group🌹💕✍
Maria Khan
Madani Qaidah Lessons
Only girls
S**x boys
Pak YouTubers Sub4sub
University girlfriend
TikTok foryou suport group
Life for friends
Girls Point Only
سنگت درگھ دی
Hard f*ck🖕
Chatting with h*t girls
Pak24tv 3
Pak24tv 2
Earn with out invest
Paid service
Irteqa womens fashion
F*ck H*t to Pregnant
sialkoti group
S**x with gils
Malik imran
Online earning
GM collection whole sale
H*t girls 18*
Jobs alrt
Daily Quran urdu
Cam 6XXX (For Girls only).
Sad group
All videos
Job alert
Ladies wear dress
Girls Group Pakistan
S**y girls
Love Forever
Tour of enjoy
Only girls group
Friends group
video call 6xx (Girls).
Shop at home(Female)
Online store
New group
PAy and Video call available
PAy and Video call available
Student, education, university
Dosti jo khair
Jobs in pakistan
Islamic status
New videos
Islamic girls group
🥰🌹🤗😍poetry &chatting 🥰☺️
Only for girls
Punjabi dhory
The great Seljuk + kurulus Osman
Broken 💔
Cute girl
Online Collection
Kk Teen Patti & TPG Saler
18 p*r*
lakki marwat warriors
We help others
Poetry lover
For you trick tiktok info
Youtube subscriber Sub for sub
Online Designer Dresses
Gang of whatsap
Girls real mobile number
Girls Group
Daawat e haq
Daawat e haq
shah collection
Call boys for ladies
🇫 🇺 🇳 🇨 🇰 🇾
Funny and entertainment
Pubg mobile LOVER
Pubg mobile LOVER
Online shopping all over pakistan
Id saler
Girls real mobile number
Girl Period information
Love ❤️is life💕
Hacking Whatsapp group links
پل ذندگی کے2💢💯💞
You tube chanal
Adult material
Dastan-e-Ishq boys and girls
Girls only
اردو ناول
mast mastii
Irrenanstalt 8.0🤪
F*c*k offf
News group
Online store
Race dance khanewala
Indian boy & pak girl
Voice ki dunya
Boys in rent for girls
Only masti
Paid Girls 👙
Poetry Lovers Can Join
PuBG LoVer
PིAིKིHིTིOིOིNི YིAིRི🤨😉
Teenager group
Ganda group
Legend squad
you girls group
The harami society
Pyar ki dunya
❣️Do❣️ pal❣️ ki❣️ Mulaqat❣️
زندگی کے چند پل💞💯
Girls and guys e-shop
As collection
My online store
Girls and guys e-shop
Online money makers
*🍁میری دنیا تم* ✒️📖 *
Only funny videos 🤣🤣
ganda group
Brandeddress free delivry
leas.bain girl join club
Girls Group
Lovely frnd
Psl lovers
Rent boy for females only
girls fun
sindhi tiktok friemdship
Lambay or Kalle
SaD🥀🌺 PoEtRy 😍😘Group🌹💕✍
Pk online buying
Tik Tok video viral Pakistan
girl chat group
The p*rn mafia
❤🇭a⃟мᴀʀɪ🇦D⃟нᴜʀɪ🇰a⃟нᴀɴɪ ❤
Just girls group
Pubg acount saler
Full s e x vedios
Ful s e x vedios only
Gold Digger Boy
Bewafa Duniya
Le s bian S e x
Naughty Boys
Only💐 girls😍😘💓❤💕🌹🌸💐🌸💮
YouTube sub4sub
No boys only girls
X x
Tik toker only
Only girls
H o t s e x y girls group
Hamza Islamic Official
Love group
Money making ideas
Arsal group
BTS army International
Pakistani Punjabi
X girls
Angry boy
Sweet Girls 🧕🏻🌺🌸
clothes and product
H * t Boys group Bf
Usa girls dating
Best earner
Femail products
Lion king 👑 .. pakistani brothers ..
H o t Girls ❤
Only Gf call boy for girls
Girls group editng
Rohani ilaj
Poetry and entertainment
Only peotry &video gurop
Masti_Girls 👇
king of memes
Full Time Masti
Your English Space
girls books group
Only PoEtry
city group
Study and enjoy
Only WhatsApp groups links share
Call girls in multani
2$ free daily easy work
Online store
ایک فرقہ اداس لوگوں کا
Fun video
Laughter and motivation
Divorce people met many
Sindh JEST&PST group
Beauty Tips
Only peotry
Cute meri jan
Quran Online Learning
Business & Publicity
Whatsapp Status Viewrs
Girls👩🏻‍🦰 chating🥱 group
Funny Videos and Meme
Only girls poetry
Beautiful girl
Him or tum
Female whatsapp group
Jobs alerts
Darbar darling
status group
Shero shery
Reality news web tv
jan writes
Only girls can join
Girl college
Tiktok followings
Inly girls
Islamabad escort service
مردانہ کمزوری کا علاج
WhatsApp Status Love💕❤️💗💔❣️
Jazz cash easy pasia to perfect mony
Girls islamic
Call boy Rawalpindi, Islamabad
Poetry stutes
Only youtuber
عین عشق
Pubg girl
All people Help
Call girls
Best friend.
Only Alone girls
❹🌼 محبت رسولﷺ مشن گروپ 🌼
❽🌼 محبت رسولﷺ مشن گروپ 🌼
❼🌼 محبت رسولﷺ مشن گروپ 🌼
❻🌼 محبت رسولﷺ مشن گروپ 🌼
❺🌼 محبت رسولﷺ مشن گروپ 🌼
Prime Gift Solutions (PGS)
Sad group
Online sale & purchase ladies suites & bed sheets
Major baloch
Leaked scandle
Girls 2
Good group
Leaked scandle
Only girls group
Only girls for date
Girls for love
Girls for business
Only girls group
Girl and boy
Alone girls only girls
Online Shopping
Vip 💔💔💔song🌿🌿🌿🌿
Love 💕 is life
Why so serious? 🚭
دشمن دار ❌⁦☠️⁩
Karachi Women Dresses
Girls harmonic issues
Acni issues of girls
Yoga fitness
Call boy service in pakistan
girl group
Cosmetic Products
Only girls please
Lovely girl
Only shayari video
Only girls group
Sale group for more thing
LoLoVe ❤️NevEr 💯DeaD💔
میرا دل بدل دے

More WhatsApp Groups

If you are a boy and you only want to be friends with boys then these groups are not for you at all because some of these groups will have only girls or some groups will have boys and girls mixed. And if you are a girl and want to be friends with girls, you should join groups that have only girls. Or if you want to chat with boys, you can join groups that have a mix of boys and girls.


If you work on YouTube, there are many groups of girls who promote your YouTube. What happens in these groups is that you subscribe to YouTube Promotions groups and subscribe instead of subscribing. You subscribe to other girls 'or boys' groups and that guy or girl subscribes to your groups. This procedure not only promotes your channel but also increases your YouTube ranking. That's why these groups are best for girls who work on YouTube.

International Friends

This world may have some people who like to make international friends. Some girls and boys also want to make international friends so they look for groups with different people. Among these groups are girls from all over the country. So if you also want to be friends with girls from all over the world, join these groups. These groups have people from all over the world with whom you can make friends and make new friends.

Girl's Shayari WhatsApp Groups

Many of you girls will be the ones who like to listen and read poetry. There are also poetry groups in these girls' groups in which people write poetry and pass their words on to others. If you write poetry and want your words to reach people, join these groups and easily transfer your words to others. And if you are interested in listening to and reading poetry, you can join them and enjoy poetry.

Pakistani Girls WhatsApp Groups

If you are from Pakistan and want to be friends with Pakistani girls then there are Pakistani girls in girls groups with whom you can talk and make friends. You can easily join these girls groups. All you have to do is click on the join button and then you will join the Pakistani girls groups.

Indian Girls WhatsApp Groups

If you are from India and want to be friends with Indian girls then there are Indian girls in girls groups with whom you can talk and make friends. You can also easily join these groups of girls. All you have to do is click on the join button and then you will join the group of Indian girls.

Girl's Shopping WhatsApp Groups

There are some girls who like to shop a lot and they also want that they don't have to go to the market and their good and better shopping can be done sitting at home. So they look for WhatsApp groups through which to order the item and have it delivered to them at home. These WhatsApp groups also have shopping groups through which you can easily shop.

FAQ's and their answers

Q 1: How to join girls WhatsApp group links?

  1. Choose the group that you want to join.
  2. Click the join button.
  3. Then you will be enter in girls WhatsApp groups.

Q 2:How to impress girl on WhatsApp?

There are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to make a WhatsApp friendship with a girl. First of all, don't text her during the day. The second is to ask yourself who I am, where I live, and so on and so forth. And the third most important thing is not to text the girl too much because when an unknown guy texts a girl too much, the girl gets annoyed with him, and there comes a time when the girl tries to block him on WhatsApp.

Q 3:How to get girls WhatsApp numbers?

If you want to get a girl's WhatsApp number, first join the girls WhatsApp groups that are given above. All you have to do is open the group and then you have to click on the three dots above. Then you have to scroll a little and you will see a list of all the members coming down with the mobile numbers of all the members coming up. You can see the number of any member from there.


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