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OK is a word that we use when everything will be alright. We can also say it OKAY. The OK full form is Oll Korrect or Ole Kurreck. You can see the full detail of the OK, full forms of the OK, and, abbreviations of the OK in the table given below.

Full Form Category Term
Oll Korrect or Ole Kurreck General OK
OKAY General OK
Off To Kinderhook Messaging OK
Opportunity Knocks Job Title OK
Organizational Knowledge Job Title OK
Old Keokuk Earth Science OK
Operation Klar Military and Defence OK
Zero Killed Military and Defence OK

FAQS and their answers

Q 1:What is the full form of OK?

The full form of "OK" is "OKAY".

Q 2:What is abbreviation of OKAY?

The abbreviation of "OK" is "OKAY".

Q 3:What is the full name of OK?

The full name of word "OK" is "OKAY".

Q 4:OK ka full form kya hai?

OK ka full form "OKAY" hai.


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