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PS Full Form

It is the message written at the bottom of a letter or document. This can be generally specifically to point that the author has forgotten it whereas composing the most body of the message. It's additionally a computer-oriented language for making vector graphics. It's additionally wont to indicate name extensions. The PS full form is "PostScript". You can see the full detail of PS, full forms of PS, and abbreviations of PS in the table given below.

Full FormCategoryTerm
PCSC ISDN SwitchComputer and NetworkingPS
Product SafetyComputer and NetworkingPS
Palestinian Territory, OccupiedCountry NamesPS
Phone ServiceTelecommunicationPS
Path SeparatorNetworkingPS
Print ServerNetworkingPS
Parallel SessionsNetworkingPS
Processor SharingNetworkingPS
Adobe Postscript Document (text/graphics)File TypePS
Personalized SettingSoftwaresPS
PARASIndian Railway StationPS
Pulse ShapingElectronicsPS
Polar StereographicElectronicsPS
Pulse ShapeElectronicsPS
Porous SiliconElectronicsPS
Priority SectorBankingPS
Preference SharesBankingPS
Post SillyMessagingPS
Painfully SarcasticMessagingPS
Poor SchumckMessagingPS
Purchase SaleAccounts and FinancePS
Point SourceAccounts and FinancePS
Performance SpaceSpace SciencePS
Planetary and SolarSpace SciencePS
Parachute SubsystemSpace SciencePS
Payload SpecialistSpace SciencePS
Payload StationSpace SciencePS
Payload SupportSpace SciencePS
Power SupplySpace SciencePS
Pressure SwitchSpace SciencePS
Prime SelectSpace SciencePS
Per SpringMeasurement UnitPS
Pico SecondsMeasurement UnitPS
Political SkillsJob TitlePS
Performance SpectrumJob TitlePS
Private SecretaryJob TitlePS
Police SergeantJob TitlePS
Program StartComputer Assembly LanguagePS
Program StreamComputer Assembly LanguagePS
Progressive ScanComputer HardwarePS
Processing SystemComputer HardwarePS
Pre-setComputer HardwarePS
Physics of SportsPhysics RelatedPS
Presidential SuiteReal EstatePS
Parent ShelfStock ExchangePS
Performance SupplementSportsPS
Penalty ShotSportsPS
Practice SheetSportsPS
Physical StrengthMilitary and DefencePS
Peer SupportMilitary and DefencePS
Piercing SlashingMilitary and DefencePS
Packet SwitchMilitary and DefencePS
Post ScriptMilitary and DefencePS
Personnel ServicesMilitary and DefencePS
Parallel Track Single-unitMilitary and DefencePS
Processing SubsystemMilitary and DefencePS
Pole SmokerMilitary and DefencePS

FAQS and their answers

Q 1:What is the full form of PS?

The full form of "PS" is "PostScript".

Q 2:What is abbreviation of PostScript?

The abbreviation of "PS" is "PostScript".

Q 3:What is the full name of PS?

The full name of word "PS" is "PostScript".

Q 4:PS ka full form kya hai?

PS ka full form "PostScript" hai.


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