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SAP is a German software company. It comes in the list of top software companies in the world. The full form of SAP is Systems, Applications & Products. SAP developed ERP software and maintain that ERP software. The headquarter of SAP is in Walldorf, Germany. It has developed multiple solutions like retail, telecommunication, healthcare, and the banking industry. It is now a larger software company in the world.

Full Form Category Term
Systems, Applications & Products Software SAP
State Agricultural Plan Banking SAP
Segmentation Application Part Computer and Networking SAP
Service Access Point Computer and Networking SAP
System Application Procedure Computer and Networking SAP
System Area Pointer Networking SAP
Safety Application Layer Protocol Networking SAP
Start of Active Profile Networking SAP
Session Announcement Protocol Networking SAP
Service Announcement Protocol Networking SAP
Sandipan Accepted Protocol Networking SAP
System Application Product Softwares SAP
Structural Analysis Program Softwares SAP
Systems, Applications, Products ( Softwares SAP
Systems Applications and Products Softwares SAP
SATTENAPALLE Indian Railway Station SAP
Secondary Audio Program Electronics SAP
Soft and Pretty Messaging SAP
Sorry Ass Person Messaging SAP
Safety Action Plan Messaging SAP
Systems, Applications & Products Messaging SAP
Systems, Applications, & Products Messaging SAP
Systems, Applications, and Products Messaging SAP
Systems, Applications and Products Messaging SAP
Standard Accounting Procedures Accounts and Finance SAP
Substituted Accounting Period Accounts and Finance SAP
Service Advertisement Protocol Accounts and Finance SAP
Systems, Applications, Products Accounts and Finance SAP
Statements On Auditing Procedure Accounts and Finance SAP
Software Accounting Programme Accounts and Finance SAP
Strain Arrestor Plate Space Science SAP
Substance Abuse Professionals Job Title SAP
Santo Ant Country Specific SAP
San Pedro Sula Airport Code SAP
Systems Applications Processing Database Management SAP
Simultaneous Algebric Programs Maths SAP
Special Access Program Military and Defence SAP
Semi-armor Piercing Military and Defence SAP
Scientific Advisory Panel Military and Defence SAP

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FAQS and their answers

Q 1:What is the full form of SAP?

The full form of "SAP" is "Systems, Applications & Products".

Q 2:What is abbreviation of Systems, Applications & Products?

The abbreviation of "SAP" is "Systems, Applications & Products".

Q 3:What is the full name of SAP?

The full name of word "SAP" is "Systems, Applications & Products".


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