SIM Full Form

SIM is an integrated circuit that is used to store the information of mobile subscribers. It is embedded in a small plastic card called a 'sim card'. Every sim company provides their sim to users. You can call, you can SMS, and you can use the internet by using that SIM. The SIM full form is Subscriber Identity Module. You can see the full detail of SIM, full forms of SIM, and, abbreviations of SIM in the table given below.

Full Form Category Term
Subscriber Identity Module Mobile Technology SIM
Subject Is Message Email SIM
Telix Simple Script Source File Type SIM
System Import Mapping Softwares SIM
Spatial Information Management Softwares SIM
SHRI AMIRGADH Indian Railway Station SIM
Sulfide Indole Medium Chemistry SIM
Source Independent Measurement Electronics SIM
Strobed Inspection Module Electronics SIM
Simulator Space Science SIM
Solar Irradiance Monitor Space Science SIM
Space Interferometry Mission Space Science SIM
Scientific Instrumentation Module Space Science SIM
Simulate, Simulation Space Science SIM
Simbai Airport Code SIM
Support Interface Module Computer Hardware SIM
Single Inline Memory Computer Hardware SIM
Sub-instrument Module Computer Hardware SIM
System Insight Manager Computer Hardware SIM
Simple Integration Method Maths SIM
Selected Ion Monitoring Physics Related SIM
Stand for In Military Military and Defence SIM
System Impact Message Military and Defence SIM