STD Full Form

STD is the most common term that is used in mobile and telecommunication. It is also known as Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Sexually Transmitted Diseases is a disease that transmits from one person to another through sexual interactions. You can see full detail, forms, and abbreviations of STD in the table given below.

Full Form Category Term
Subscriber Trunk Dialling Telecommunication STD
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Disease STD
Simplified Trellis Decoder Computer and Networking STD
Dobra Country Currency STD
Sexually Transmitted Disease Medical STD
Doctor of Sacred Theology Educational Degree STD
Sacrae Theologiae Doctor Educational Degree STD
Subscriber Trunk Dialing Telecommunication STD
Secondary Telecom District Telecommunication STD
Locoscript Standard File Type STD
State Transition Diagram Graphics File File Type STD
Simple To Design Softwares STD
Security Tools Distribution Softwares STD
Software Test Document Computer Technology STD
SATROD Indian Railway Station STD
Sweet Translucent Dreams Messaging STD
Some Thing Duh Messaging STD
Soft Touch Denial Messaging STD
Shuttle Test Director Space Science STD
Standard Space Science STD
Standard Transmission Difficulties Space Science STD
Saves The Day Job Title STD
Santo Domingo Airport Code STD
Set Direction Flag Computer Assembly Language STD
Standard Deviation Maths STD
Sexualy Transmited Disease Disease STD
Synthetic Training Device Military and Defence STD
Software Test Description Military and Defence STD