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Urdu1 live

Urdu1 Live Streaming - Watch Urdu 1 Online is a Pakistani entertainment channel in the Urdu language. It was launched in 2012. Its headquarters are located in Dubai. It broadcasts dramas by the Turks and Pakistanis. It is the property of Alliance Media. The coverage area is worldwide. Its registered office is in Dubai. Live Urdu 1 had great success in Urdu dramas dubbed. Millions of people watch the drama on Urdu 1 every day. On pak24tv.com you can watch their live streaming.

Urdu1 broadcasts Turkish Dramas. It broadcasts not only Turkish Drama but also Pakistani content. It has millions of fans of its dramas throughout the world. You can watch Urdu 1 dramas online on Pak24tv.

Some of Urdu 1 famous Turkish serials dramas are Nazli, Main Ayesha Gul, Kosem Sultan (Season 1), Kosem Sultan (Season 2), Aashiyana Meri, Mohabbat Ka (Season 1), Aashiyana Meri, Mohabbat Ka (Season 2), Aashiyana Meri, Mohabbat Ka (Season 3), Ek Haseena Ek, Deewana, Fatima Gul, Feriha, Ishq, Ishq E Memnu, Kala Paisa Pyaar, Karadayi, Kuzey Guney, Maral, Haaji and Beintehaa.


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FAQS and their answers

Q 1:What is Urdu1 live?

Urdu1 live is a Entertainment channel based in Pakistan.

Q 2:Is Urdu1 live is free to watch?

Yes, it is absolutely free to watch.

Q 3:Which type of channel is Urdu1 live?

It is Entertainment channel.

Q 4:When we can watch Urdu1 live?

You can watch it anytime.

Q 5:Which type of content does Urdu1 live stream?

It stream Entertainment content.

Q 6:How to watch Urdu1 live?

You can watch it at TV,Cable,Dish,Mobile,Computer and Tablet.