Aiza Name Meaning in Urdu

Aiza is an Arabic name. It is most famous name. Aiza name meaning in urdu is "عزت والی، مرتبہ والی، مقام والی" and Aiza name meaning in English is "Honorable". The lucky number of Aiza's name is "3".

Name Aiza
Meaning in Urdu عزت والی، مرتبہ والی، مقام والی
Meaning in English Honorable
Gender Female
Language Arabic
Religion Muslim
Lucky number 3
Lucky days Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky colors Yellow, green, red
Lucky Stone Ferozy

The name of an individual plays a very important role in their life. It becomes a part of their identity and an individual is recognized by their name. Thus, searching for a meaningful name becomes very important. A charming name enhances the characteristics and traits of a new born baby. The baby name "Aiza" is well liked among Muslim parents. "Aiza" literally meaning in English is "Honorable".

A person is recognized by their name and a charming name enhances a person’s personality to a point that it becomes a part of their personality. Good names are also considered a source of good fortune. Origin of the name "Aiza" have been traced to Arabic language. According to numerology prediction, various numbers, days, colors, stones and metals have been associated to good luck with the name "Aiza".

The days "Tuesday, Thursday", the number "3" and the colors "Yellow, green, red" are considered lucky for an individual named "Aiza". The stone "Ferozy" is considered lucky for an individual named "Aiza". On this webpage, viewer can find the correct and authentic spellings and pronunciation of the name "Aiza". An authentic list of famous people named "Aiza" can also be found on this page. Viewers can also find almost all famous Islamic baby names on this website.

FAQS and their answers

Q 1:What is Aiza name meaning in Urdu?

Aiza name meaning in Urdu is "عزت والی، مرتبہ والی، مقام والی".

Q 2:What is Aiza name meaning in English?

Aiza name meaning in English is "Honorable".

Q 3:What is the lucky number of name "Aiza"?

The lucky number of name "Aiza" is "3".

Q 4:Which are the favourable colors of name "Aiza"?

The favourable colors of name "Aiza" are "Yellow, green, red".

Q 5:Which are favourable stones of name "Aiza"?

The favourable stone of name "Aiza" are "Ferozy".

Q 6:Which are the favourable days of name "Aiza"?

The favourable days of name "Aiza" are "Tuesday, Thursday".

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