Summary Meaning, How To Write A Summary

Summary Meaning

Summary is the method in which we shrink down long paragraph into short paragraph and focus on the key points of the authors.

How To Write A Summary

To write an effective summary you have to follow points given below. If you use these points then your summary will be effective for reader. These points are

  • Needs to be clear to someone who has not read the original material.
  • Give only the main points.
  • No specific details, dates, or figures unless essential.
  • Be concise, no wordy.

Maintain good paragraph structure (use)

  •  Topic sentences
  • Supporting sentences
  • Concluding sentences.

Topic sentence

Topic sentence idetifies the title, author and the speaker.

Supporting sentence

Supporting sentence follow the same order as orignal (when possible).

Concluding sentence

Concluding sentence is the last sentence of any paragraph.


  • No direct quotes.

Be objective

  • Do not add your own opinion.

5 Important Rules to Make Summary More Effective

  1. Made Summary from the notes.
  2. Do not exceed the word limit.
  3. Make only one paragraph and do not make many paragraph.
  4. Do not use abbreviations in the summary.
  5. Write complete sentence not phrases.


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