Reasons to try online casino games

When choosing an online casino, you always have to consider a number of really important parameters. The basic question of many players, however, is much more fundamental. As is well known, even the best and most reliable online casino pl is both a chance for huge winnings and specific risk of losing at least part of your capital.

However, it should be remembered that currently, the competition between casinos is really intense. Currently, practically every Polish casino offers players not only a wide range of slot machines, but also a number of additional options, which sometimes significantly reduce the risk, and also give the chance to get bigger wins at the start. The types of additional attractions that a good casino will offer us include primarily:

  • Promotions and casino bonus: Casinos today offer various welcome packages such as free spins on certain games. There are also occasional promotions, tournaments, and a lot of other additional options.
  • Great selection of casino games: The days when online casinos only offered a few dozen simple slots are a thing of the past. Currently, the offer of the best casinos is hundreds, and sometimes thousands of great and varied slots, among which everyone will find something for themselves.
  • Exciting emotions: Gambling is one of the most exciting forms of gameplay. Modern casino games are not only a unique visual experience, but also an amazing thrill, and, of course, a chance for big wins.

Act on gambling and gambling in Poland

Choosing the right casino is not easy. Here you need to take into account such factors as the license of a given platform, payment methods, the quality of customer service, and finally the catalog of available games that are offered by a given legal casino. However, also in this aspect, one has to start with a more basic issue, i.e. the question: is there any legal online casino in Poland at all?

Unfortunately, the regulations are not completely clear on this point. On the one hand, according to the Gambling Act, Totalizator Sportowy is the monopolist in the field of online gambling, and it is this entity that runs a legal Polish online casino.

On the other hand, European law guarantees to all EU citizens the possibility to legally use online casinos registered in the Member States. This means that a legal casino in Poland can operate, for example, on the basis of a license issued in Malta or in the UK.

Casinos in Poland - legal game is available to Poles!

It was mentioned above that the legal situation when it comes to online casinos in Poland is not easy. Lawyers indicate a conflict of state law with European law. If we rely only on the Gambling Act, we only have one casino in Poland. It is Total Casino, which belongs to Totalizator Sportowy.

However, from the perspective of EU law, a legal online casino in Poland is any online casino that has obtained a license from an appropriate authority in one of the EU Member States. So, the player can also choose a Polish casino that operates on the basis of a Maltese or British license. An alternative may be the already mentioned Polish casino belonging to Totalizator Sportowy.

It should also be noted that the number of players in our country is growing literally every day. More and more people decide to have entertainment in a place such as an online casino in Poland, and e-gambling itself is already very popular in our country.

The best online casinos for you - our opinion

As the reader noted, in the above examples, making a decision about choosing a casino is a really complex problem, especially in Polish reality. So what should you consider when choosing a legal online casino?

On our website, we present the most popular and carefully checked online casinos. Therefore, it is a significant help for the player, because every top online casino recommended by us has not only been thoroughly verified but also meets all the criteria when it comes to legality.

The individual casinos are rated directly by our team. So we don't base our recommendation on the fact that a platform advertises itself as the best online casino, but we check very carefully that the site is really trustworthy.

Moreover, each best online casino recommended by our specialists fully meets the key requirements that are described above. This also applies to the license, which ensures legality in the EU, as well as the availability of the platform in Polish.

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