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Usage of percent error calculator

A Percent error calculator is used in basic engineering mathematics. It differentiates between the actual value and the measured value. To calculate this error you have to minus the exact value from the measured value and then divide with the exact value. After calculating this you have to multiply with 100. The result will be a percentage that will be your answer in percent.

FAQ's and their answers

Q 1:How to use percent error formula?

  1. Enter measured value into the input box.
  2. Then enter exact value into the input box.
  3. Then click on calculate button.
  4. Result will be calculated.

Q 2:What is percentage error calculator?

    It is calculator that is used to differentiate between actual value and measured value.

Q 3:What is the formula of Percent error?

  1. [ (measured value - exact value) / exact value ] * 100

Q 4:Is this percent error calculator is free for use?

  1. Yes, you can use it free.


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