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These are typically simple machine vehicles with a towing capability of trucks. they've termed SUVs principally thanks to their ability to run on-road and cross-country. SUV vehicles will run swimmingly on poorly created and dangerous roads. SUVs have more room within than usual cars and thence they will accommodate a lot of passengers. bear in mind that the term includes a completely different meaning in numerous countries. In America, the constant term is employed to visit little capability trucks. The SUV full form is "Sport Utility Vehicle". You can see the full detail of SUV, full forms of SUV, and abbreviations of SUV in the table given below.

Full Form Category Term
Sport Utility Vehicle Transport SUV
Suva Airport Code SUV
Silly Useless Value Database Management SUV
Sports Utility Vehicle Sports SUV
Sports Utility Vehicles Sports SUV

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FAQS and their answers

Q 1:What is the full form of SUV?

The full form of "SUV" is "Sport Utility Vehicle".

Q 2:What is abbreviation of Sport Utility Vehicle?

The abbreviation of "SUV" is "Sport Utility Vehicle".

Q 3:What is the full name of SUV?

The full name of word "SUV" is "Sport Utility Vehicle".


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