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HTC is a Taiwanese company. IT manufactures handsets and other telecommunication equipment. The company was founded in 1997. It has now gained big global recognition as a standard smartphone mobile manufacturing company. The headquarter of HTC is in New Taipei City, Taiwan. It was founded by Cher Wang and Peter Chou and it belongs to the VIA group. The HTC full form is "High Tech Computer Corporation". You can see the full detail of HTC, full forms of HTC, and abbreviations of HTC in the table given below.

Full Form Category Term
High Tech Computer Corporation Company Name HTC
High-Throughput Computing Information Technology HTC
Host/target Communication Networking HTC
HATHRAS CITY Indian Railway Station HTC
Heat Transfer Coefficient Chemistry HTC
Hyberbolic Time Chamber Messaging HTC
Hit The Cell Messaging HTC
Hybrid Technology Computer Space Science HTC
Halt and Toss Cookies Computer Assembly Language HTC
Hebrew Theological College Educational Institute HTC
Chief Hull Technician Military and Defence HTC

FAQS and their answers

Q 1:What is the full form of HTC?

The full form of "HTC" is "High Tech Computer Corporation".

Q 2:What is abbreviation of High Tech Computer Corporation?

The abbreviation of "HTC" is "High Tech Computer Corporation".

Q 3:What is the full name of HTC?

The full name of word "HTC" is "High Tech Computer Corporation".

Q 4:HTC ka full form kya hai?

HTC ka full form "High Tech Computer Corporation" hai.


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